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Introducing Dynamic Offer and Order Management Capabilities

Originally founded in 1990, our team of more than 40 employees at Pribas has gained a deep understanding of the airline industry’s challenges. In this last decade, we have witnessed a drastic change in how airlines aim to operate their business, moving away from legacy constraints in key areas such as distribution and fulfillment while becoming innovative travel retailers that offer personalized shopping experiences. Age-old and costly incumbent systems have slowed time-to-market for new products and capabilities, preventing airlines from achieving their goal.

Since our founding, Pribas’ Order and Offer Management capabilities have enabled better fulfillment of dynamically assembled and priced offers. Our mission has always been to give airlines the power to offer, price, and distribute products with complete autonomy to optimize sales performance and reduce costs. Today, we are announcing Pribas’ acquisition by FLYR which will accelerate this better path for airlines and help them reach greater heights.

The pribas team joins FLYR Labs

As part of FLYR, we will integrate our modular and dynamic Offer and Order Management Solution, which is designated at the highest certification level by IATA, into The Revenue Operating System® to directly provide airlines with revenue-optimal price autonomy and the ability to fulfill complex offers for each individual passenger. With FLYR’s recent acquisition of Newshore (an existing partner of Pribas), we’re truly creating the most advanced platform for total revenue optimization in the travel industry.

The technological agility that Pribas brings to the table enables airlines to rise above their competition and meet other industries’ advances across cloud, AI, and retailing capabilities. Established airlines already using a legacy Passenger Service System (PSS) can boost their retailing capabilities across new channels. Startup airlines can build a complete inventory and distribution system without ever needing to implement a legacy PSS.

Our customers have the ability to drive business differentiation and create a frictionless customer experience across the entire ecosystem of products and channels, from offer to fulfillment. For example, we enable airlines to create and sell new ancillary products (i.e. meal, baggage, lounge access) within mere minutes, removing retailing and fulfillment from the list of limitations altogether.

Today is an exciting day. Not just for the team at Pribas, but for the airline industry as a whole.

“By leveraging new AI and cloud technologies, we will define new standards and fundamentally change and democratize access to the building blocks that unlock retailing capabilities across the travel industry.”

At FLYR, we’re helping commercial carriers run their business at the speed of commerce. This is only the beginning.

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