FLYR Named Best AI-Based Solution for Transportation

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Upgrade Your Offer-Order Environment Today

Total revenue optimization is the new frontier for the modern airline industry. To ensure they are meeting customer demands and expectations, airlines must provide inline and connected offers and orders.

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Customer Experience

Fast-Tracking Customer Experience and Revenue Performance with Offer and Order

By providing tailored, intelligent offers to each traveler and managing orders as a single source of truth, airlines can realize more value and boost customer loyalty.

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Deep Learning-Based Revenue Management with Cyprus Airways

FLYR partners with the flag carrier airline of Cyprus to optimize revenue across fares and ancillaries, while also providing more tailored offerings.

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Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based RM Solution

Cyprus Airways will use advanced AI technologies from FLYR to optimize pricing for fares and ancillaries and to help boost commercial outcomes with great decision intelligence.

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Qatar Airways Cargo Enters Strategic Partnership with FLYR Labs

The strategic partnership with FLYR Labs will serve to advance The Next Generation initiative. Qatar will leverage FLYR Labs’ advanced technologies—such as deep learning—to forecast cargo capacity and demand.

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Qatar Airways Cargo to Utilize FLYR AI Platform in Strategic Partnership for Cargo Optimization

Qatar Airways Cargo Will Leverage FLYR’s Revenue Operating System to Optimize Cargo Forecasting and Decision Making.

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AI-Powered Revenue Optimization with Azul Airlines

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR will provide Azul with comprehensive data management, pricing, and forecasting capabilities for ancillaries and fare bundles, leading to more tailored offers for their customers.

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Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence

Christian Merkwirth
Christian Merkwirth Technical Product Owner & Lead AI Scientist at FLYR