FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

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Connected intelligence. Optimized pricing. Modern retailing. Unconstrained fulfillment.  Welcome to twenty-first century travel and transportation tech.

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FLYR’s built-for-purpose platform

Finally, an attainable, built-for-purpose platform that enables travel and transportation leaders to make confident commercial decisions and exceed modern e‑commerce expectations.

We combine practical AI and legacy-free solutions to power the ultimate commercial competitive advantage for travel and transportation companies.

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FLYR’s platform helps travel and transportation companies preserve and extend lines of revenue and adapt quickly to increasingly dynamic environments.

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Prepare for takeoff. Power every key commercial decision.

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At capacity. Immediate forecasts to maximize cargo utilization.

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At your service. Optimized commercial decisions, in real time.

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Flexible product framework

Built-for-purpose solutions for airlines, cargo, and hospitality.

Complete visibility

Single-pane-of-glass view with end-to-end data integration, advanced decision intelligence, and automation to connect and optimize commercial decisions.

Faster, smarter data

All your data in one place, structured with purpose for your industry, and validated with care to ensure integrity.

Bridging the gap

FLYR’s Commercial Operating System offers integrations within the industry ecosystem, allowing for fast adoption of our technology.


Intelligent applications revolutionize the way travel companies are meeting the demands of today’s connected and dynamic travelers.


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Offer and Order

Enabling modern retailing

Airlines that aren’t providing potential customers with dynamic offers when and where they want them could be missing out. Modern consumers expect retailers to provide a seamless bridge from immediate inspiration and personalized shopping to smooth purchase and travel experience.

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Press Release

FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

The new Enterprise AI Concierge from FLYR and Roam Around empowers airlines and hotels to deliver bespoke itineraries throughout a traveler's search and shopping journey, including flights, accommodations, tours, activities, and dining.

Image with text - Welcome, Andrew Rubinacci, Chief Advisory Officer, Hospitality

FLYR Welcomes Andrew Rubinacci as Chief Advisory Officer, Hospitality

Former Aimbridge Hospitality executive and renowned industry veteran joins FLYR to support momentous demand for AI-driven hospitality revenue management system.

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Revenue Optimization

Spreadsheets are for accountants

The hospitality industry is going through a truly exciting phase of innovation. One thing that’s got everyone talking is AI and ChatGPT. With businesses constantly facing challenges like inflation, debt, and unpredictable markets, this new tech has got people wondering about the future of entire professions.

Colleagues analyzing data on a computer monitor in an office.
Revenue Optimization

Designing the future of forecasting

FLYR for Hospitality has added a new forecasting feature to its revenue planning offering that can revolutionize the way you create, manage, and share monthly forecasts with your stakeholders.

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Press Release

FLYR delivers fast, accurate forecasting for hospitality

With new Forecasting for Hospitality, hotels can efficiently create and share monthly segment level forecasts for every property.

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Connected commercial decisions

From optimizing revenue to maximizing profits and providing travelers with personalized e-commerce experiences, travel and transportation commercial leaders have many critical priorities to manage. Our partner-first approach focuses on connecting data and decisions across your team to unlock unprecedented opportunities.

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FLYR is changing commercial operations for travel and transportation companies around the world by helping them make more informed and confident decisions on pricing, capacity, and forecasting while boosting data analytics and reporting. Contact our global team today to find out more about FLYR’s AI-driven platform for connected intelligence and revenue optimization.

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