FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

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Enabling modern retailing

Airlines that aren’t providing potential customers with dynamic offers when and where they want them could be missing out. Modern consumers expect retailers to provide a seamless bridge from immediate inspiration and personalized shopping to smooth purchase and travel experience.

Elevating results
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The future of modern retailing. Today.

Alex Mans, FLYR’s founder & CEO, explains how FLYR can help airlines exceed traveler expectations, without legacy constraints.

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Upgrade Your Offer-Order Environment Today

Total revenue optimization is the new frontier for the modern airline industry. To ensure they are meeting customer demands and expectations, airlines must provide inline and connected offers and orders.

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Introducing Dynamic Offer and Order Management Capabilities

With the acquisition of Pribas, FLYR Labs equips its platform with dynamic offer and order management capabilities, taking a major step towards an end-to-end airline software ecosystem.

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FLYR Labs Buys Pribas to Enhance Airline Retailing and Fare-Selling

FLYR and Pribas said their offerings help airlines vault into pricing and retailing practices more common in other industries.

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Bonanza Joins FLYR to Bring Real-Time Offer Management to All Carrier Distribution Channels

By joining FLYR Labs, we will expand our products far beyond the scope of what we initially imagined.