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Make Data-Driven Decisions Earlier Than Ever

With more than 200 metrics available through FLYR’s Revenue Operating System, airline schedulers and planners have the ability to discover opportunities to add capacity months in advance. FLYR works with technology and data partners around the world, using advanced and intuitive technologies to collate ultra-accurate, context-rich insights that inform commercial decision-making.

Examples of intelligence available through FLYR’s cloud-based software solution include:

  • Continuously updating revenue forecasts on both market and flight levels that react to volatile demand shifts.
  • Measuring similarities across markets, origins, destinations, flight durations, departure schedules, and competitive pressure.
  • Identified opportunities where demand is exceeding prior schedule expectations.
  • Understanding the different demand profiles across departure times and travel duration for each market.
  • Pinpointing when an airline’s price point is optimal compared to the competition.

FLYR’s deep learning algorithms identify trends, even in data-sparse or noisy conditions, that humans struggle to perceive. With the right insights readily available and continuously updated, schedulers and planners can, in real-time, start to resolve complex questions that used to be answered with guesswork.

Find out more about how FLYR’s Revenue Operating System helps airlines seamlessly execute data-driven decisions to unlock revenue.

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