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Purple Metaballs
Why this legacy airline is transitioning to a low-cost model, and how it will continue to be agile in a changing industry.
While the aviation industry as a whole has been cautious to make the switch from legacy tools and techniques, digital-first airlines have unlocked incredible value across commercial functions by leveraging the latest in AI.
Using advanced AI, airlines are realizing the potential of total revenue optimization, allowing analysts to forecast revenue generated by each flight, beyond the fare itself.
Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for airlines to provide dynamic pricing, analyzing and giving context to data to allow analysts to offer the right service at the right price to the right customer, at the right place and time.
Deep learning and artificial intelligence is helping airlines connect the dots to achieve total revenue optimization. Ancillary strategies are increasingly important to this goal.
Managing the availability and assessing the revenue advantages of opening cargo capacity is an important consideration for airlines looking to maximize profit and growth.