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Bringing E-Commerce to The Revenue Operating System®

I could not be more pleased to share that Newshore is now part of FLYR Labs. We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition will bring for Newshore’s more than 150 skilled professionals across Spain, Colombia, Argentina, and the Philippines. It’s a relationship that makes sense in many ways, with our shared passion for solving today’s travel and transportation challenges through innovative technology solutions.

Newshore offers end-to-end airline e-commerce software to airlines. Since our founding in 2008 in Barcelona, we have enabled our customers to quickly respond to new market conditions, which has proven to be especially crucial with today’s evolving customer expectations for digital experiences. We’ve achieved this by designing and developing a cloud-native e-commerce platform that is both powerful and flexible, eliminating the usual lengthy downtime for deployment and expediting time to market.

Our products are currently being used by more than a dozen airlines around the globe, helping them convert more revenue on their direct channels and maintain control of the customer journey. By joining FLYR, we’ll be able to leverage their advanced, revenue-optimal pricing for fares and ancillary services, enabling airlines to sell more tickets and maximize total revenues.

Our understanding of every customer will feed into FLYR’s deep learning models so that customers can find the right product at the right price in the right channel.

As part of the FLYR crew, we can jointly extend the capabilities of The Revenue Operating System® and offer airlines a flexible platform powered by real-time data and decisioning. Together, we will help airlines break free from legacy vendor constraints such as a painfully long time to market for new product offerings under changing conditions. Customers will also be able to take advantage of end-to-end dynamic pricing, bundling, and offer management to improve early decision-making for distribution, drive sales of fares and ancillaries, build customer loyalty, and provide a seamless customer journey. We will feed FLYR’s revenue management solution with data coming directly from the airline’s e-commerce environment to improve forecasting and pricing algorithms, while at the same time enabling a unique experience to customers.

Joining FLYR truly amplifies our mission to provide a next-generation platform that supports business resilience for airlines and transportation companies, while mapping an unforgettable customer journey for the passenger. We’re excited for this new chapter in the Newshore story, and we are excited for you to continue this journey with us.

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~Enric Puig

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