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FLYR Labs Acquires Newshore to Add Direct Distribution and Retailing Capabilities

FLYR Labs Acquires Newshore to Add Direct Distribution and Retailing Capabilities to The Revenue Operating System®

With the addition of Newshore’s solutions for direct distribution, airline retailing, and disruption management, FLYR Labs will help airlines optimize revenue across their entire business operation.

Los Angeles and Barcelona, July 14, 2022: Newshore, an end-to-end airline e-commerce software company, is joining FLYR Labs (FLYR) to further extend the capabilities of The Revenue Operating System®. The acquisition will further enable airlines to overcome the challenges of legacy technology, providing a frictionless and scalable digital customer experience – all while unlocking maximum revenue potential from dynamically priced fares and ancillaries through their direct sales channel.

Newshore, founded in 2008 in Barcelona, is relied upon by airlines such as Vueling, SunExpress, and HK Express. The company offers a wide range of customer experience services including e-commerce, customer management, and content management solutions. It enables airlines to unlock direct online sales channels, ancillary offers, and personalized content to increase revenue and direct bookings, achieved via Newshore’s cloud-based platform which seamlessly integrates with an airline’s legacy infrastructure.

Enric Puig, co-founder and CEO of Newshore, says: “Our solutions help airlines convert more revenue on their direct channels and maintain a relationship directly with the customer. By leveraging FLYR’s advanced, revenue-optimal pricing for fares and ancillaries, we will enable airlines to sell more tickets and maximize total revenues. Our understanding of every customer will enrich FLYR’s deep learning models, so that customers can be provided with the right product at the right price in the right channel.”

Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR, says: “We are thrilled to have Newshore as part of FLYR. Newshore is a leading airline e-commerce solution provider with an impressive platform architecture and vast product capabilities. By linking Newshore’s capabilities with FLYR’s unmatched expertise in real-time, AI-driven forecasting and pricing, we will unlock the potential dynamic offers across the entire customer journey from decision and pricing to sale and distribution.”

FLYR’s decision intelligence platform, The Revenue Operating System, leverages advanced deep learning technology to provide automated, AI-driven revenue management capabilities that maximize airline profitability and total revenue. By combining Newshore’s direct distribution and retailing capabilities with The Revenue Operating System, the airline regains control of their customer journey and retailing strategy. Newshore’s customer experience, e-commerce, customer management, and content management solutions will be tightly integrated into The Revenue Operating System:

  • Internet Booking Engine (IBE)
    Newshore’s IBE has been designed to integrate with any Passenger Services System (PSS) as well as with a broad range of third-party applications. It covers all stages of an airline’s direct sales process, from flight search to check out, and uses information available in real time – such as search criteria, customer profile, and booking history – to instantly build a custom experience for each passenger by means of dynamic flows, ancillary offering configuration, and price optimization integration.
  • Messaging Automation
    Newshore’s messaging solution enables one-to-one automated and personalized messaging across multiple channels to provide customers with booking confirmations, disruptions notices, and various other updates across their travel journey.
  • Disruption Management
    Newshore’s disruption management solution provides airlines with a state-of-the-art platform to communicate and manage planned and unplanned disruption scenarios with customers, while streamlining previously inefficient manual processes. The system integrates directly with any PSS and Flight Operations systems to provide real-time updates.
  • Marketing Automation
    Newshore’s marketing automation and promotion solution enables airlines to offer frictionless passenger experiences through advanced customer journey orchestration and optimization.

Newshore’s customer experience solutions will enhance The Revenue Operating System and, when combined with the extensive capabilities of FLYR solutions, offer connectivity across an airline for better access to data and an improved customer journey.

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About FLYR Labs
FLYR Labs, the pioneer of The Revenue Operating System, is focused on the relentless application of advanced and intuitive technologies that help transportation leaders unlock their highest potential. Its cloud-native software solution leverages deep learning technology, a cutting-edge form of AI, to provide ultra-accurate forecasting and actionable insights within one comprehensive user interface. With FLYR, travel and transportation companies can exponentially improve revenue performance, unify decisions across commercial teams, and build a more efficient experience for their customers.

FLYR Labs is headquartered in California with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Krakow, and Amsterdam.
To learn more about FLYR Labs, visit or follow @flyrlabs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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