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The Future of Marketing in RM is Here

Move fast and fix things; that’s always been xCheck’s motto. Now, 100 days after joining FLYR, the motto continues to drive us forward, but with the capability to be faster and stronger than ever before. Not only are we celebrating a milestone as FLYR, but we are also celebrating xCheck’s official anniversary. This February marks five years since the launch of xCheck’s first campaign.

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Looking back, it’s humbling to remember the technology that powered that ad, and the wonderful first client who supported our vision. We are now working on Version 4 (though V1 still has its classic charm), and the future is more exciting than ever.

Our 2022 roadmap includes vast jumps in improvements to our core product, and a particular focus on features which make it easier than ever to deploy content into any digital channel. So how does it work? Check out these one way prices from our newest partner, Hawaiian Airlines with this page powered by our Tables product. We also have new functionality that further automates marketing operations in perfect sync with commercial priorities.

Connecting xCheck to FLYR enables our customers to launch more solutions as well as provide easy deployment of visual assets, vastly improving the intelligence of those items based on live customer and inventory data. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing solution.

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