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A Strategic Alliance to Enhance and Optimize Commercial Operations

We are excited to be at World Aviation Festival today, announcing our strategic alliance with Air New Zealand. Working collaboratively with the airline, we are developing advanced AI-based applications that utilize the Cirrus Revenue Operating System.

Our collaboration with Air New Zealand marks an expansion of our existing affiliation which began in 2020. As a result of our new agreement, we will leverage the Cirrus software platform to develop complementary AI-powered products that enhance and optimize other aspects of the airline’s commercial operations.

This partnership will also see a team of FLYR Labs’ data science, software development, and product management employees co-locate out of Air New Zealand’s headquarters in Auckland in the new year, a development we are very excited about.

Airlines have faced unprecedented obstacles this past year. Cirrus improves passenger load forecasting and by doing so, optimizes revenue outcomes … a key component to assisting airlines recover. At FLYR, we seek to be more partner than vendor, collaborating with our airline customers to solve industry challenges with advanced technology. Beyond revenue management, using the Cirrus software platform enables improved performance across commercial functions, clarifying operation decisions that touch marketing, scheduling and planning, executive leadership, and air cargo.

On behalf of the crew at FLYR Labs, we look forward to continuing our growth with Air New Zealand.

Kia Ora

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