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Becoming the End-to-End Travel Commerce Platform

I don’t consider myself a rule breaker in daily life, but in marketing, sometimes the rules can hold you back. As a marketing executive, I’ve never been afraid to trust my gut to do the right thing for the brand or its customers, to stand out and win – and oftentimes that means being unconventional.

That’s why I was excited by the opportunity to become Chief Marketing Officer at FLYR. FLYR is breaking the rules of revenue management and commercial decision-making for the travel and transportation industry, and it’s so exciting when ambition and potential come together at the right time. That’s what I see happening here. FLYR is at a transformational point, where we’re turning our platform for airlines into a Revenue Operating System that can optimize any commercial decision and experience for the travel industry.

Transformation is something I am well-versed in, having been part of the team that brought a new brand to life in less than six weeks when Alight split off from Aon Hewitt. After taking on the CMO role at Alight in 2020, our team transformed the organization, evolved the brand, and launched our first broad-scale brand campaign which generated a significant increase in awareness and was instrumental in bringing Alight’s new platform strategy to life. I was given the opportunity to work on Alight’s IPO and transform our marketing, communications, and visibility strategy again when we became a publicly-traded firm in 2021.

Changing the brand identity – including defining a purpose, visuals, and values – didn’t come easily. For a company that was founded in 2017, the rulebook would say I was five to seven years too early in this pursuit, but I knew it was the right thing to do. We needed to create excitement and momentum, and this strategic work did just that. Even the people who didn’t initially agree on this direction were among its biggest advocates once they saw everything come together.

“I have been fortunate to be part of many growth stories in my career and have learned that the most successful ones come from bringing together the experience of the founding team with the perspectives of new joiners, learning from each other, and being fiercely committed to alignment and communications.”

I am definitely on a listening and learning tour right now, but also know that I must accelerate to have an impact and support the team’s growth. I am really excited to get our brand and product messaging locked in so we can change hearts and minds across our industry in fun and innovative ways.

I can already tell I will not be bored here at FLYR. Partnering across the organization to unify the brand, product portfolio, and thought leadership strategy to support growth while also getting to learn a new industry is a dream come true.

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