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New CCO discusses why collaboration and listening are the keys to customer experience and company success.
CX veteran brings three decades of expertise and insights into improving customer experience for major global brands.
FLYR’s new CRO John Tzioufas is excited to continue building a solid growth team that will introduce the Commercial Operating System for Travel to our customers. John is a veteran leader of several Global 500 sales teams.
Veteran Enterprise Sales Executive Brings Wealth of Experience Selling to the C-Suite, Fortune 500.
FLYR’s new Chief Marketing Officer Kelley Michalik is eager to establish a transformative, thought-provoking product and brand strategy. By joining FLYR, Kelley will help showcase our transformative impact on travel and transportation industry performance.
Michalik will help FLYR position itself for further growth, accelerating its ability to help travel and transportation leaders overcome the dynamics of an ever-changing industry that has struggled to evolve its relationship with technology.