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A Tech Partnership to Enhance Data Capabilities

Today, we’re embarking on a global technology partnership with 3Victors, a real-time travel data analytics company, to provide airlines with even more ultra-relevant, context-rich data sources to inform commercial decision-making and optimize revenue performance.

This partnership continues FLYR’s commitment to helping carriers create reliable and actionable revenue forecasts and more optimal pricing and commercial decisions. As an artificial intelligence (AI) company, FLYR’s capabilities rely on data; the more relevant the data, the better.

Working with 3Victors has resulted in the careful curation of data sets to better power our machine learning algorithms and create unique, real-time insights to drive value for airlines and improve our AI pricing decisions.

Our Cirrus Revenue Operating System applies advanced AI to drive revenue uplift and forecast accuracy, well beyond the capabilities of legacy revenue management technologies. Too often these outdated systems rely on a small number of data sources and data points as well as lack the infrastructure to take advantage of a larger and more diverse set of inputs. This means airline analysts are frequently forced to deploy subjective, manual overrides to influence pricing based on an incomplete data picture.

FLYR is using the 3Victors TDaaS (Travel Data analytics as a Service) to enhance the Cirrus forecasts for capacity planning simulations and reactivity to competitor schedule changes. Cirrus will also have greater visibility into the success of automated AI pricing decisions across more distribution channels. Additionally, our partnership will strengthen the speed and quality of FLYR’s rapid, twelve-week implementation process for new airlines partners.

FLYR and 3Victors both share JetBlue Ventures as an investor, where the relationship between the organizations began. Upon meeting the 3Victors team, it was clear that there were strong synergies between our companies. Our companies focus on delivering innovative world-class technology to the travel industry, disrupting the status quo to dramatically improve commercial decision-making for airlines. This collaboration was the perfect match. We’re excited to be incorporating 3Victor’s data into Cirrus and expect to uncover even more ways that our collaboration can further support our airline partners.

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