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News / Reintroducing FLYR: Elevating Results for Travel & Transportation

Reintroducing FLYR: Elevating Results for Travel & Transportation

Today, we’re excited to launch the unified FLYR brand, bringing together all of our existing and new technologies.

Deeply rooted in artificial intelligence (AI), our company has expanded and evolved over the years. We were once built for a single solution within a single industry but have grown to an extended platform and now serve multiple industries – airlines, cargo, and hospitality – and with that, our brand needed to grow and expand too.

FLYR provides technology that is powered by deep learning, creates order from complexity, and delivers elevated results for the travel and transportation industry. With a nod to the past, as we look forward to the future, we’re excited to unveil the new FLYR.


FLYR logo black

The symbol that will distinguish our brand and company, the new FLYR icon is connected to our past but also represents the future. For our icon, we’ve selected metaballs that are symbolic of deep learning and AI, connection points between the metaballs illustrative of how FLYR connects data across silos, and an upward trending graph that if reoriented will reveal an ever-present ‘F’ for FLYR. Of course, this is all done in our familiar color palette, bringing together the past, present, and future of FLYR.

Brand Descriptor

Elevating Results | Travel & Transportation

We needed our brand descriptor to better characterize what FLYR does today and will continue to do in the years to come. In the past, FLYR has delivered a revenue management solution for airlines. Today, FLYR has grown and now serves the broader travel and transportation industry. Our product portfolio has grown as well – delivering solutions that elevate results for revenue management but also connect the dots between revenue, marketing, and analytics.


For our wordmark, we wanted to maintain our brand familiarity but again, nod to the future. To do this, we continue with the all caps and we’ve chosen a modern take on our original font, accompanied by a familiar and stylized ‘R’ to close our brand name.

Today, we also start a new chapter for our acquired brands, as we deliver purpose-built solutions in the travel and hospitality space. Bonanza, FareDirect, Newshore, Pribas, and xCheck have folded into the FLYR brand and now operate under the name FLYR for Airlines. Pace Revenue has also rebranded, now operating as FLYR for Hospitality, with additional changes to come throughout this year and next.

As FLYR continues to expand, be sure to keep an eye out for more news and exciting announcements at, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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