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Targeted System Configurations for LCC and Startup Airlines

FLYR Labs announces targeted configurations of its Revenue Operating System for LCC and Startup Airlines

FLYR will now provide an enhanced configuration purpose-built for LCCs and a new offering for small and startup carriers to enable industry-leading revenue management software across all carrier types and sizes.

Los Angeles, January 13, 2021: Startup and smaller airlines around the world can now also utilize the power of FLYR Labs’ Revenue Operating System to unlock unmatched flexibility and revenue growth. Already installed at major carriers, the company’s platform will now offer a configuration specifically designed for this segment of the airline industry. For qualified airlines, the company will provide sponsorship to make subscription fees attainable early-on.

The company also announces an updated configuration for low-cost carriers (LCCs) who in their own right deserve a better solution for their needs. Following the company’s acquisition of Faredirect, LCCs now have access to a configuration of the FLYR platform that not only includes FLYR’s AI-based forecasting and continuous pricing technologies, but also extends such capability to ancillary products and total revenue optimization.

FLYR’s underpinning Cirrus™ platform is built to serve airlines of all sizes and operating models and does not limit startup-, low-cost, or network carriers to point solution capabilities, as they currently are with other legacy systems. As a true partner to airlines around the world, FLYR’s platform is applied to support and automate decisions across commercial functions, driving value and growth across pricing, planning, offer, order, and ancillary functions.

Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR stated: “We designed our Cirrus platform as a uniquely modular technology with support for any airline type, ranging from large global network carriers that require flow optimization, to LCCs and ULCCs, or all in between. To best support LCC and startup airline needs, we’re also forging new industry partnerships. We believe that every airline, no matter their size or budget, deserves access to the very best tools – better forecasting and confident pricing will be everyone’s pinnacle to success in 2022 and beyond.”

Even with its existing, much larger airline customers, FLYR provides a no-cost, no-risk implementation, allowing them to experience incremental revenue uplift before committing to a long-term collaboration. The company does not collect fees if superior revenue results are not proven during an objective A/B test against incumbent legacy systems.

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About FLYR Labs
FLYR Labs, the pioneer of The Revenue Operating System®, is focused on the relentless application of advanced and intuitive technologies that help transportation leaders unlock their ultimate potential. Its cloud-based software solution leverages deep learning technology, a cutting-edge form of AI, to provide ultra-accurate forecasting and actionable insights within one comprehensive user interface. With FLYR, travel and transportation companies can exponentially improve revenue performance, unify decisions across commercial teams, and build a more efficient experience for their customers.

FLYR Labs is headquartered in California with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Krakow, and Amsterdam.

To learn more about FLYR Labs, visit or follow @flyrlabs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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