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FLYR Crew Meets in Amsterdam to Prepare for Upcoming Rapid Growth

FLYR Crew Meets in Person at Takeoff22 in Amsterdam to Prepare for Upcoming Rapid Growth

For two years, FLYR’s global crew worked remotely and hybrid while building an advanced, AI-driven revenue optimization platform to drive digitalization for commercial decision making within the travel and transportation industry. In this short amount of time, our crew has grown to more than 200 members, working with some of the world’s commercial airliners to unlock actionable insights and optimal revenue performance, despite the environment’s continued volatility.

By April 2022, the FLYR crew was ready to meet face-to-face to collaborate, learn, and grow together as a team, taking The Revenue Operating System® to new heights to further enhance the revenue performance of our new and existing customers. With one of FLYR’s new global offices located in Amsterdam, it was the perfect place to meet.

“Being able to attend TakeOff22 was so much more than getting to travel to Amsterdam,” Human Resources Generalist James Sheppard said. “It was an opportunity to see, spend time with and thank my colleagues in person. It was about us being able to come together and celebrate all of the amazing things we’re accomplishing. It was about having the chance for all of us to learn about who we are as a team.

“TakeOff22 left me with profound excitement about what is coming next. I know how lucky I am to be part of such a smart, hardworking and insanely talented team that not only allows me to be me, but happily celebrates it.”

Takeoff22 featured plenary sessions from FLYR’s leadership team, discussing our company vision, our growth plan, our target markets and industries, and our goals for the future. Crew members attended spotlight sessions to learn more about our cutting edge technology and how it will shape revenue operations across all the airline’s commercial functions.

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR uses deep learning, an advanced form of AI, to provide context to data, automating decision making to improve accuracy and overall performance of an airline, reduce the daily task load on analysts, and allow for improved revenue performance across the business.

But TakeOff22 was more than just a working session, it was also a chance for us to get to know one another. After each day’s sessions, we joined up for team-building events and sight-seeing activities, with the final day ending with a closing gala where we presented our first-annual “HighFLYR” Crew Awards to employees and teams that have gone above and beyond for our company and our customers.

“If there’s one thing that I hope we all walk away with from TakeOff22, it is feeling like the next time we’re on a Zoom and we see a familiar face, we feel a little bit more like we know them versus just recognizing them,” FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans said.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of changing the way airlines manage revenue as we disrupt legacy solutions, improve commercial decisions, and form lasting partnerships with carriers.

FLYR plans to grow to over 500 crew members by the time we meet again for Takeoff23, but we don’t intend to wait until next year to see each other in person again.

Our global offices are already open in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Amsterdam. We will go-live with our office in Krakow, Poland, in early July. FLYR is currently planning grand opening parties at each location, inviting crew members to come in and check out their newly available workspaces.

“We want to drive a hybrid flexible work environment to continue to engage our crew members,” said Betsy Campbell Barth, Vice President of People, Talent, and Workplace. “We want to offer this flexibility to attract and retain talent, offer work-life balance, and, most of all, to have the ability to connect with our teams and leaders in the office.”

“We believe meeting in person inspires innovation, creativity and camaraderie, which leads to a positive and belonging experience aligned with our values. We are investing in welcoming workplaces where our crew members can get work done and have fun.”

If you’re looking to join a dynamic, diverse, and curious crew who are working to revolutionize the travel industry, we’re hiring now. Check out our open positions at to find out more.

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