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Acting as an Owner to Build a Transformational Platform

FLYR’s goal is to build a commercial platform for the travel industry. An integral part of that goal is to become a partner first, and a vendor second for all customers. But to become a partner with our customers, our crew must also take ownership of our company and product.

We believe that making an industry-transforming platform means hiring transformational crew members, so we strive to hire and retain the best people always.

One of FLYR’s core values is for all employees to “act as an owner.” This means that crew members never settle for mediocrity or compromise their integrity. They understand the big picture and recognize the impact of each individual contribution on the company.

Never Settle for Mediocrity or Compromise Integrity

FLYR crew members are never satisfied with good enough. Our software engineers are constantly working to improve The Revenue Operating System’s® processes and outputs, while our user experience team is working to make sure the look and feel of the product are intuitive. Our Delivery team ensures that customers are set up for success, and our Growth team is always working with customers and prospective partners to ensure that we’re building the right product for the industry.

“Across the company, FLYR strives to provide the absolute best product, with the absolute best service, to be seen as a partner, rather than just a vendor.”

Settling for good enough won’t help us build an industry-transforming company and platform, so we strive to hire people who will always give their best.

In business as in life, our word is our bond. Without integrity, our word means nothing. When we want to partner with customers, we mean we want to build a platform that helps them optimize their business operations. When we value our customers’ data security, we never take shortcuts or cut corners. And we don’t take a cent from our new customers until we’ve proven the superior performance of our product in providing significant incremental revenue uplift, because we would never take money for software that doesn’t work.

Likewise, our crew members act with integrity by valuing and respecting each other, respecting our customers, and respecting our company.

Understand the Big Picture and Recognize the Impact of Each Contribution

When you’re working on a single feature or enhancement, it can be hard to see how that feature impacts the larger product. But each individual contribution – no matter how small – is one step closer to building an innovative, transformational platform for the travel industry.

Our crew members understand that their jobs are integral to the success of The Revenue Operating System and, in turn, to FLYR. Because of this, each project is treated as the most important one.

Our goal is a lofty one – to become the commercial platform of choice for the travel and transportation industry. We aim to do this by providing a clean sheet, industry-optimized platform that integrates data, forecasting, pricing, reporting, and simulation capabilities to inform and automate commercial functions across the company. This big picture means that we have to work fast – and work smart – to match FLYR’s growth and provide our partners with a product that will help them optimize revenue and provide customized traveler experiences.

If you feel like working as an owner is a value you possess, FLYR Labs is hiring. Check out our careers page to see how you can join our crew.

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