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FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership, delivering the Enterprise AI Concierge for travelers

The new Enterprise AI Concierge from FLYR and Roam Around empowers airlines and hotels to deliver bespoke itineraries throughout a traveler’s search and shopping journey, including flights, accommodations, tours, activities, and dining

Los Angeles – November 21, 2023 – FLYR, the AI-powered platform for travel technology, and Roam Around, the AI-powered concierge, today announced a strategic partnership to bring AI travel planning to hotels and airlines worldwide. With this new partnership, hotels and airlines will be able to create and deliver bespoke travel itineraries for every customer. In addition to a strategic partnership, FLYR has also participated in Roam Around’s latest investment round.

“Enabling travel and transportation businesses to break free from legacy technology and operational constraints is core to our foundation,” said Alex Mans, Founder and CEO, FLYR. “Investing in and partnering with Roam Around furthers our vision and goal of arming airlines and hotels with the modern, AI-powered technology they need to deliver personalized customer experiences, while driving efficiency and increasing revenue.”

“For the first time, AI is enabling travel personalization at scale, allowing travelers to easily craft the perfect, bespoke vacations,” said Shie Gabbai, Co-Founder and CEO, Roam Around. “We’re ecstatic to partner with FLYR, a move that positions us to realize our ambitious vision for revolutionizing not just individual travel experiences, but the broader travel ecosystem as a whole.”

Every day, nearly 3 million passengers travel via airplane in the United States. However, airlines and hotels often have limited engagement with travelers as they visit hotels, restaurants, landmarks, and more, leaving a massive gap in building a deeper customer relationship, encouraging loyalty, and delivering a complete travel experience.

Online travel agencies, like Expedia,, and Priceline have seized this opportunity, commoditizing the traveler experience and leaving hospitality brands and airlines as a simple footnote in any travel story. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) can now enable airlines and hotels to take back ownership of the traveler experience – delivering bespoke itineraries and travel experiences for every individual customer.

FLYR + Roam Around: AI-Powered, Bespoke Travel Experiences
Roam Around was founded with the mission to simplify travel planning. Emerging as a consumer-centric platform, Roam Around has quickly won over millions of users in search of a smarter approach to travel planning. With Roam Around, users have been able to quickly create personalized travel itineraries, powered by Roam Around’s AI-powered travel concierge. As enterprise interest from airlines, hotels, and destination marketing organizations (DMO) increased, Roam Around turned to FLYR to help expand into the enterprise space.

With a decade-long track record of innovation in AI-driven travel solutions, FLYR is working with Roam Around to provide the infrastructure, capital support, and expertise needed to create an AI-powered concierge for airlines and hotels. Combining Roam Around with FLYR’s ecommerce and modern retailing capabilities will deliver a powerful offering for airline and hospitality businesses alike.

Together, FLYR and Roam Around are excited to introduce the Enterprise AI Concierge. Now, airlines and hotels can quickly add a built-in AI concierge service directly on their ecommerce website. The new Enterprise AI Concierge enables airlines and hotels to deliver personalized itineraries to their customers – including flights, accommodations, tours, activities, and dining – keeping customers engaged through every step of their travel experience.

In addition to the partnership, FLYR has also participated in Roam Around’s latest funding round. With this new funding, Roam Around will be able to enhance its technological infrastructure, recruit top-tier AI talent, and bolster marketing efforts to redefine the travel planning experience on a global scale.

About FLYR
FLYR is a technology company that is purpose-built for the travel industry. Leveraging deep learning, an advanced form of AI, FLYR is helping airlines, cargo, and hospitality businesses around the globe elevate their results. With FLYR, businesses are able to improve revenue performance and modernize the e-commerce experience through accurate forecasting, automation, and analytics. Learn more at

About Roam Around
Founded with the mission to simplify travel planning, Roam Around has created an AI-powered travel concierge that is built powered by ChatGPT. To date, Roam Around has generated over 8 million bespoke itineraries for customers around the world. With Roam Around, users can generate their own travel itineraries for any destination and with Concierge, airlines, hotels and DMOs are able to deliver AI-powered, branded, bespoke travel experiences. Learn more at

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