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Become Part of the FLYR Difference

FLYR is building a company that addresses today’s challenges, creating engaging workplace atmospheres, encouraging more work-life balance, and opening up the opportunity to make meaningful change.

Our FLYR crew is made up of some of the best talent in the industry. With crew members located around the world and strategically placed offices for in-person collaboration, our diverse and specialized employees can come from just about anywhere.

“FLYR is a place where you can truly be the best version of yourself,” said Miami-based Angelo Contreras, Product Marketing Lead. “Having worked at many different companies in my career, being able to come to a place where you’re valued for who you are, for your diverse background, and also for your opinion, and you’re able to hit the ground running on day one and actually make true change and drive innovation within a product, within a team, and also within an industry, is unique.”

As we continue our rapid growth to support the increasing demand of the industry, bringing the right people onto our crew becomes even more important.

FLYR aims to revolutionize the travel and transportation sector by using artificial intelligence to make smarter, more impactful commercial and operational decisions.

“We have this tremendous opportunity to take really modern technology – machine learning, deep learning that wasn’t possible years ago – and package it and put it into a digestible form that is used by airlines to support commercial functions,” said Benjamin Tumbleson, Manager of AI Customer and Delivery.

According to Kartik Yellepeddi, Head of AI and Machine Learning Strategy, making a difference in the industry means having in place the right people and the right opportunities for collaboration with customers.

“FLYR has been very successful in bringing in the best minds in AI, travel, machine learning, customers, and capital – you need all of these things to really start a revolution, and I think that is what I’m most looking forward to,” said Yellepeddi.

FLYR has acquired six travel technology companies since 2020 and has grown from just 20 employees to more than 500. With that rapid growth comes opportunities that are unique to a young, fast-paced organization.

“We’re at a place where we’re in this build mode,” said Melissa Garon, Head of People Experience and Programs. “You can make such an impact with what you’re doing here, and that’s what makes me excited.”

And that impact doesn’t just stop at the management level, says Gwyneth Finney, an instructional designer for FLYR’s training and implementation team.

“What I like most about FLYR is that I have the opportunity to grow an entire curriculum or process from the ground up, and it is heard and seen here,” Finney said. “I love that we have that creativeness and freedom to speak up, and if there’s a change that needs to be made, it can be done.”

One of our core company objectives is to “attract and retain the best people.” For FLYR, this means being a highly desirable employer with high employee engagement, ensuring a qualitative and cultural fit for all crew members, and creating strong professional development opportunities.

“For me, the most important elements of growing a diverse and global team are defined with the four Cs: care, culture, curiosity, and competency,” said Betsy Campbell Barth, VP of Global People, Talent, and Workplace. “As human beings, when we’re in a repeated structure, we can easily get bored. We are creative creatures, and we don’t want to ask the same questions over and over again. So come join the FLYR team. We are excited to have you!”

Want to learn more about working with FLYR? Check out our latest global opportunities.

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