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Tailormade Hotels

“We increased revenue by 22% while occupancy stayed about the same. FLYR for Hospitality allowed us to push the prices to a level where we never would have thought we could go.” – Alex Löw, Revenue Manager, Tailormade Hotels

Switzerland’s diverse Tailormade Hotels group consists of 13 properties scattered throughout the alpine country (and one in Cape Verde). 

With an eclectic inventory—from rooms to beds to apartments—and a broad range of customer types, the hotel group needed revenue management technology that could handle a complex revenue mix. We spoke with Revenue Manager Alex Löw about how FLYR for Hospitality has helped revolutionise Tailormade’s pricing process.

Finding the right technology

“A few years ago, we started the search for a Revenue Management System (RMS) with a true two-way API connection. The legacy revenue management vendors can’t really do that, so we looked at more modern options. We wanted a system we could navigate easily and that plugged into Apaleo—our cloud-based Property Management System (PMS). We also needed something with a good reporting function, which ruled out a bunch of systems. 

“In the end, FLYR for Hospitality was the best fit for us. Their native, integrated BI and user interface particularly differentiated them from the competitors. 

“We used to work with a basic demand calendar with seven buckets requiring manual adjustments. One of the most challenging things was that, because I had so many other tasks and responsibilities, I simply did not have the time to check pricing at the properties every day and ensure they were optimised for the upcoming months. My pricing focus was never more than the next 14 days at each property.

“We were missing a lot of chances to impact prices and revenue. Furthermore, that 14-day window normally had over 80 percent occupancy so even then it was too late to make a material difference. We often take reservations several months out and I would never be able to price that far out before. But now, FLYR for Hospitality is always working and pricing 365 days out. Problem solved.”

Man looking at laptop with FLYR for Hospitality Portfolio screen.

Rapid and flexible implementation

“All of our properties now have fully automated pricing. Onboarding was fast and easy, with our first property set up in just two working days and on autopilot within two weeks. 

“But FLYR for Hospitality didn’t force us to activate autopilot immediately for every property. We were able to personalise our approach and accommodate some of the general managers who were hesitant and needed more information. A few wanted proof over time that the system wouldn’t automatically apply its recommendations without their input. We worked together to set minimum and maximum acceptable pricing, manually adjusted the system when needed, and eventually went to full autopilot when the GM had confidently accepted the system’s recommendations for two solid months without adjustment. 

“The system provides all the possibilities. Then you put it on autopilot and let it run.” 

Instant results

“We have a big mix of inventory and a range of customer types so an RMS that handles that is essential. For example, one property in Zurich is 85 percent corporate while another on the lake in Lucerne has over 40 rooms for mainly weekend leisure visitors and another one caters to one-night stays for travellers (the Germany to Italy route) on the side of the motorway.

“One property in Lucerne is a true hybrid in itself—rooms and beds— and FLYR for Hospitality does an excellent job handling that complexity. It is just so user-friendly and understandable, and that alone has saved us so much time and effort.

“We mainly track total revenue vs budget and in the first month of having most of our properties on automation, we beat budget by a double-digit percentage in most of the properties, while others outperformed in the high single digits.

“Our GMs have quickly adapted to the new pricing paradigm. Now they are happily surprised to see us sometimes selling rooms for 30 percent more than they had previously expected—or selling two rooms each for CHF 100 instead of one at CHF 160. They no longer worry as they know the algorithm takes into consideration so much more than a human ever could.

Man looking at laptop with FLYR for Hospitality Pricing screen.

“The time saved is incredible. My main focus is on revenue management. But if I spent 3 hours a week on what pricing should be for each of our 13 properties, that would consume nearly the whole week. Now, once or twice a year, I meet with the GMs of the specific hotels where we have seasonalities. We look over the next 12 to 16 months and determine if we should input any specific settings, events, and seasonalities in FLYR for Hospitality. And once it’s set, we won’t have to revisit pricing.

“Another thing I really like about the pricing algorithm is that it’s based on demand and is not overly focused on compsets. As part of the new generation of revenue management, I believe in exploring new avenues to enhance results,  which I think is a really disruptive approach.”

Commercial intelligence

“The BI solution is one of the things I love most about FLYR for Hospitality. I wouldn’t say other revenue management solutions don’t have something similar, but I really like the way FLYR integrates it. I can build dashboards myself, design them how I want, and adjust them as needed.  

“In the past, we weren’t always sure if we should sign a particular contract or focus on a specific segment. But now, if my boss has a question like this, I can build something quickly that is very easy to read. We know much more within five minutes than we would have guessed before—especially with 13 hotels. This intelligence capability has probably had the biggest impact on our operation. You have data to work with and you make decisions based on what the data tells you, and you can get at it quickly as things change. 

“I personally like the ability to run segmentation based on the rate plan. Being able to see what segment is performing…that’s definitely one report I really use!”

Man looking at laptop with FLYR for Hospitality Analytics screen.

Optimised revenue

“We looked at one year over the previous year for one of our properties in Lucerne during the very busy August tourist season. The city itself has an occupancy between 94% and 98% 

during this period of time. The occupancy for the two years we reviewed was comparable, in the 95% range. We increased it a little bit over the previous year, but this didn’t have a huge impact. Automating our pricing with FLYR for Hospitality did have a huge impact. We increased total revenue by 22%. 

“For me, when we saw these numbers, it was quite clear that FLYR for Hospitality had allowed us to optimise pricing in a way we have never been able to do before.

“Honestly, I don’t think we would be able to do this without FLYR for Hospitality.”

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