FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

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Machefert Group

“We’ve seen some big revenue improvements since switching to Pace, now FLYR for Hospitality - some of our hotels have seen an average increase of 14% in ADR and 20% in room revenue.”

Elevating results
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Photo of a moody bar area in a Hotel Rival location.
Customer Story

Hotel Rival

“We’ve really benefited over the last year from using the platform’s Analytics. I used to spend 8 to 10 hours building just one monthly report but now it’s all delivered immediately. Now I’ve got all sorts of pie charts showing me everything from pickup to the overall booking window and more.”

Photo of a living space in a Hotel Unplugged guest room.
Customer Story

Hotel Unplugged

“RM is definitely not my forte and I needed something I could trust, was easy to use and that worked. It does exactly what it promises. In fact, they are the only tech company we work with that I genuinely adore!”