FLYR Named Best AI-Based Solution for Transportation

Revenue Optimization3 minutes read

Unlocking Total Revenue Potential with Advanced AI

Using advanced AI, airlines are realizing the potential of total revenue optimization, allowing analysts to forecast revenue generated by each flight, beyond the fare itself.

Niels Colémont
Head of New Optimization Programs at FLYR
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Revenue Optimization

How Artificial Intelligence is Optimizing Airline Ancillary Revenue

Deep learning and artificial intelligence is helping airlines connect the dots to achieve total revenue optimization. Ancillary strategies are increasingly important to this goal.

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Revenue Optimization

Why Context is Critical for (Ultra) Low-Cost Carriers to Remain Competitive

Airlines need to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and price. And for low-cost carriers, the need is even greater.

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Revenue Optimization

Using AI and Machine Learning for Ancillary Revenue Maximization

Maximize pre- and inflight ancillary revenue for total revenue optimization beyond the fare itself.

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Customer Experience

Faredirect Celebrates 100 Days as FLYR

Harnessing ultra-accurate forecasting from Cirrus to optimize airlines’ ancillary revenue potential.

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Revenue Optimization

Going Beyond Airfare to Maximize Revenue

Combining Faredirect’s ancillary management tool with FLYR’s existing revenue management platform results in a streamlined revenue optimization system for airlines – something they have been seeking for years.

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In the News

JetBlue-Backed Startup FLYR Buys Two Companies to Expand Its Airline Software

Airlines have historically been cautious about adopting new technologies. So it’s striking to hear any talk that carriers are buying new software during the pandemic-related revenue crisis.