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Alex Mans and Brian Sumers of Airline Observer discuss how we’ll propel airlines into the future with AI, modern retailing, and modular technology.
FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans spoke to Skift about how travel organizations should reprioritize and reorganize their core business strategies around data, analytics, and decision making to fully optimize their use of AI.
FLYR’s engineering team estimates new pricing strategy outcomes before production to ensure the most successful models are deployed.
Following a difficult reconning with its technology limitations, the aviation industry must now truly invest in innovation – in particular AI – to unlock its highest potential and overcome unexpected turbulence.
FLYR was built with a data-first, cloud-based mentality, which means putting data security front and center. We take our airline customers’ security and data privacy seriously and are compliant with the most stringent SOC 2 cloud-based storage regulations.
With airlines, travel and transport in desperate need of direction, Alex Mans turns AI and contemporary tech into a beacon of resilience. One that aims to transform airlines and underserved industries for the better.