FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

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Data Visualization Insights
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Enabling modern retailing

Airlines that aren’t providing potential customers with dynamic offers when and where they want them could be missing out. Modern consumers expect retailers to provide a seamless bridge from immediate inspiration and personalized shopping to smooth purchase and travel experience.

Elevating results
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Data Visualization Insights
Revenue Optimization

Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence

Early adopters of AI across industries have already realized and demonstrated its significant benefits, but the travel industry is still slow to embrace this cutting-edge technology to improve business operations, customer experiences, and revenue performance.

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FLYR Labs Appoints Kelley Michalik as Chief Marketing Officer

Michalik will help FLYR position itself for further growth, accelerating its ability to help travel and transportation leaders overcome the dynamics of an ever-changing industry that has struggled to evolve its relationship with technology.

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Preparing for the Age of Artificial Intelligence in Travel

FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans spoke to Skift about how travel organizations should reprioritize and reorganize their core business strategies around data, analytics, and decision making to fully optimize their use of AI.

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Putting Data-Driven Insights at the Core of Your Business Strategy

In this video from Skift Global Forum East 2022, we hear from Pace Revenue’s Jens Munch on the need for travel companies to take a more sophisticated approach to managing data that can help them make better, faster, and more profitable decisions.

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Using dynamic pricing, net room revenue picked up in the 90-day booking window was 7 percent higher than it would have been under our legacy, static pricing model.

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The Gaythering

“We serve a niche market – the gay community – and we were really shooting ourselves in the foot by looking at comps all the time.”

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Hotel Rival

"We’ve really benefited over the last year from using the platform’s Analytics. I used to spend 8 to 10 hours building just one monthly report but now it’s all delivered immediately. Now I’ve got all sorts of pie charts showing me everything from pickup to the overall booking window and more."
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Samesun Hostels

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FLYR Elevating results
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FLYR Elevating results
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The Benefits of Dynamic Pipeline Generation Airflow

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