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FLYR for Hospitality and STR collaborate

FLYR for Hospitality and STR collaborate to bring benchmarking data to FLYR customers

Today, FLYR for Hospitality is excited to announce a new data sharing collaboration with STR, one of the leading providers of data benchmarking and competitive insights for the global hospitality industry.

Hotel revenue managers today often struggle with disparate data from different sources, with no easy way to pull the data together into one place – making it difficult to inform key decisions on pricing and strategy.

Bringing together FLYR for Hospitality (formerly known as Pace Revenue) and the new STR Benchmarking software will arm customers with a single source of truth and the ability to view their hotel data and benchmarking data directly in one intuitive investigative solution. This combination will put hotel revenue managers in complete control to drive productivity and revenue. Hotels using FLYR for Hospitality and STR Benchmarking together will be able to better understand their data and make informed business decisions that provide more accurate forecasting and increased revenue.

“Being able to understand and contextualize performance data is crucial for any hospitality business,” said Jens Munch, Co-Founder and CEO, FLYR for Hospitality. “By collaborating with STR, we’re thrilled that our customers will have a single source of truth for their hotel and benchmarking data – enabling users to not only design their own dashboards in our Commercial Intelligence Suite, but also include benchmarking performance data which is essential for executive stakeholder reporting.”

“Our new market share solution was built for real-time decision making and strategic optimization,” said Sara Murias, Director, Data Operations at STR. “That makes for a fitting collaboration with FLYR for Hospitality as we give hoteliers a single source of truth to access and analyze their data and make the most informed business decisions.”

Now, all FLYR for Hospitality customers who subscribe to STR Benchmarking will be able to view their performance data directly in the FLYR Commercial Intelligence Suite for hospitality, eliminating the need for revenue managers to switch between platforms and different sources of data. Complete with Benchmarking data, hotel revenue managers can design, export and create scheduled reports from a single source of truth, unlocking actionable insights that inform smarter commercial decision-making.

Connect with us at the Hotel Data Conference in Nashville Aug 9-11 to learn more about our exciting partnership and how FLYR for Hospitality is driving the next level of revenue management, empowering hospitality operators to make optimal commercial decisions in real time. Unlock your full potential to drive new revenue with FLYR. Stop by our exhibit space and join us on Thursday, August 10 at 10:15am CT to hear Jason Pinto in the panel session, “Making Sense of Segmentation”.

Not attending the Hotel Data Conference? Learn more about FLYR for Hospitality at

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