FLYR Named Best AI-Based Solution for Transportation

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Building customer relationships for total commercial optimization

New CCO discusses why collaboration and listening are the keys to customer experience and company success.

Mark Treschl
Chief Customer Officer at FLYR
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Leadership Perspectives

Building a Trustworthy Team for our Partners

FLYR’s new CRO John Tzioufas is excited to continue building a solid growth team that will introduce the Commercial Operating System for Travel to our customers. John is a veteran leader of several Global 500 sales teams.

Leadership Perspectives

Becoming the End-to-End Travel Commerce Platform

FLYR’s new Chief Marketing Officer Kelley Michalik is eager to establish a transformative, thought-provoking product and brand strategy. By joining FLYR, Kelley will help showcase our transformative impact on travel and transportation industry performance.

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Building a Scalable Foundation for Continued Growth

Meet FLYR’s new CFO Steve Schoch, who brings decades of experience successfully growing companies. In joining the crew, he will help further accelerate FLYR’s momentum through strategic scalability.

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Driving a Customer-First Growth Strategy

FLYR’s new Head of Corporate Development identifies business opportunities within the airline industry and in other transportation sectors.

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Gene Drabkin Joins FLYR as Chief Technology Officer

Drabkin, previously Head of Engineering at Meta, brings his leadership experience to FLYR’s cutting-edge technology and engineering teams.

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FLYR’s Focus on People

Building a team that emphasizes care and curiosity is paramount to making a dynamic, always-improving culture. As the new Vice President of People, Talent & Workplace of FLYR, I look forward to helping our crew thrive and grow.