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Purple Metaballs
"We boosted ADR by 15% in Q1 2021 at our flagship property Field Guide Lodge while raising our occupancy in comparison to Q1 2020…and that was before the pandemic!"
“We’ve seen some big revenue improvements since switching to Pace, now FLYR for Hospitality - some of our hotels have seen an average increase of 14% in ADR and 20% in room revenue.”
“We’ve had some great results - particularly in our one star hotels. We used to manually change prices twice a day but now it’s automated.”
“One major thing I’ve learnt is that you don’t need a compset. In the end, it’s selling the rooms and demand that matters! So now my whole approach has changed.”
Using dynamic pricing, net room revenue picked up in the 90-day booking window was 7 percent higher than it would have been under our legacy, static pricing model.
"We serve a niche market - the gay community - and we were really shooting ourselves in the foot by looking at comps all the time."