FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

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Spreadsheets are for accountants

The hospitality industry is going through a truly exciting phase of innovation. One thing that’s got everyone talking is AI and ChatGPT. With businesses constantly facing challenges like inflation, debt, and unpredictable markets, this new tech has got people wondering about the future of entire professions.

Jason Pinto
COO at FLYR for Hospitality
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Revenue Optimization

Designing the future of forecasting

FLYR for Hospitality has added a new forecasting feature to its revenue planning offering that can revolutionize the way you create, manage, and share monthly forecasts with your stakeholders.

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Revenue Optimization

Stop using CompSets to make pricing decisions

In an age of increasing online bookings, hotel revenue managers too often get caught up in maintaining parity with their CompSet. The CompSet, however, cannot be used as a basis for pricing or marketing strategy to individual consumers. Learn more.

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Customer Story

Lark Hotels

“We boosted ADR by 15% in Q1 2021 at our flagship property Field Guide Lodge while raising our occupancy in comparison to Q1 2020…and that was before the pandemic!”

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Customer Story

Machefert Group

“We’ve seen some big revenue improvements since switching to Pace, now FLYR for Hospitality – some of our hotels have seen an average increase of 14% in ADR and 20% in room revenue.”

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Revenue Optimization

The revolution is coming

What is holding hospitality revenue management back from being a strategic position and valuation within the organization? We believe that structural challenges play a large part in explaining the status quo today.

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Customer Story

Dalmata Hospitality

“We’ve had some great results – particularly in our one star hotels. We used to manually change prices twice a day but now it’s automated.”