FLYR Named Best AI-Based Solution for Transportation

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AiThority Interview with Alex Mans, Founder and CEO at FLYR Labs

FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans spoke with AiThority this month about FLYR's Commercial Operating System for Travel and Transportation and our technology's ability to adapt to changing market conditions for real-time pricing strategies and forecasts.

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Preparing for the Age of Artificial Intelligence in Travel

FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans spoke to Skift about how travel organizations should reprioritize and reorganize their core business strategies around data, analytics, and decision making to fully optimize their use of AI.

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Using Technology to Reach Sustainability Targets

Last year, nearly 300 airlines committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Achieving this goal means rethinking current processes and finding new ways to make – and offer – environmentally conscious choices.

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4 Insights From Decision Makers on the Next Phase of the Airline Industry

While at the Skift Aviation Forum in Dallas on November 16, FLYR teamed up with Skift to poll more than 500 attending CEOS and senior executives on crucial topics facing the airline industry, from business travel and new technology to startup carriers and sustainability.

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Driving Airline Innovation With Artificial Intelligence

In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2022, Alex Mans discusses how airline innovation is advancing using AI and deep learning to overhaul legacy practices, aiming to optimize customer engagement and maximize business performance.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing the Future of Work in the Airline Industry

For airlines to weather the storm of today’s unprecedented industry disruptions, dynamic pricing powered by deep learning algorithms is essential.

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Maximizing the Total Network: Connecting Your Revenue and Sustainability Efforts

FLYR offers a solution that provides automated, AI-driven revenue management capabilities to maximize airline profitability and total revenue.

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Podcast: Making AI Work

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Your AI is Only as Smart as Your Data

Alex Mans
Alexander Mans Founder & CEO of FLYR