FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

Pace Revenue is now a part of FLYR.

In 2022, Pace Revenue became a part of FLYR. By joining forces, FLYR’s purpose-built technology becomes the commercial competitive advantage for the travel and transportation industry, helping commercial decision makers connect data, optimize pricing, and provide a modern consumer experience.

When hospitality operators don’t have accurate or timely insight or intelligence, they struggle to respond to the  changing demand conditions. The result: significant revenue leakage.  FLYR is here to change that.

Inside of modern hotel room suite.

FLYR for Hospitality’s  commercial operating system is purpose-built for the hospitality industry:

Commercial intelligence: A single source of the truth that empowers teams to unlock actionable insights that inform smarter commercial decision making.

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Revenue optimization: Gain clarity on revenue performance and empower revenue optimization with AI-driven decision intelligence for better forecasting and smarter pricing.

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