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Flyr is a low-cost carrier (LCC) with a demand driven and sustainable business model, with focus on serving the Norwegian market with domestic and international flights from its base at Oslo Airport.

Why invest in Flyr?

Flyr targets a modern, digital and low cost setup to ensure high efficiency through simplicity, optimized resource utilization and smart use of technology. Flyr is the first new airline in Europe to be listed following the outbreak of Covid19 and will be scaled to serve a post-pandemic market.

Investment highlights

  • Low-cost carrier delivering great customer experiences at competitive prices
  • Targeting market with solid fundamentals and high profitability potential
  • Low fixed cost base from an automated platform and lean organization. Ability to operate at competitive cost level, even at low production
  • Establish a lean and rightsized organization adapted for the new market environment, adapting production to demand development in the post-pandemic re-opening of society
  • Transparent and solid capital structure. No legacy commitments enable realization of profitable strategy
  • Committed and highly experienced management team and organization, backed by renowned industry players

Why Flyr's investor information is in English only

Flyr is a public company listed on the Euronext Growth Oslo. As such we have shareholders from all around the world.
As a low cost airline we strive to keep our costs down. By having investor information in one language only, we save translation costs.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for non-English speaking persons.