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Optimize puts the power of data science and AI-driven decision intelligence in your hands.

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FLYR is your innovation partner, providing an industry-leading AI-driven decision intelligence platform that empowers revenue teams to make data-driven decisions and drive significant revenue growth.
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Price Optimization

Automated, real-time, micro-targeted pricing.

Hospitality price optimization UI

Automated, micro-targeted pricing

Designed with automation in mind, our pricing engine proactively updates prices when necessary and consistently explores the market’s willingness to pay. Harness the power of micro-targeted pricing to deliver optimal revenue performance.

Adaptive strategies - for every night

Seamlessly incorporate real-time booking level data, market rates, events, and more. Dynamically evaluate the impact of each data set for every room night, confidently make informed pricing decisions that deliver superior results.
Hotel revenue optimization UI
Hotel revenue optimization UI

Drive profit and growth with decision intelligence

See live insight on Optimize strategy for each room night. Evaluate performance of Optimize automated strategy versus any alternative. Measure revenue outcomes.

Unleash industry-leading revenue impact

Experience the power of our industry-leading decision intelligence, which consistently delivers a 10%+ revenue uplift for our customers.
Hotel revenue optimization UI
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Restriction Optimization

Optimize revenue by restricting your business mix effectively.

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Optimize business mix with automated restriction management

Achieve optimal customer mix with our automated inventory management system. Our restriction engine works alongside our price optimization platform to maximize revenue across a dynamic demand mix.

Control revenue leakage via contracted rates

Understand the impact of contracted or fenced rates on your business and identify potential revenue leakage. Strategically restrict specific business segments to drive ADR growth and maximize revenue generation.
Hotel revenue optimization UI
Hotel revenue optimization UI

Effortlessly configure and manage restrictions

Create and manage restrictions with ease; configure your desired restrictions with just a few clicks. Our intuitive platform ensures efficient management, freeing up your time to focus on strategy.

Real-time updates for seamless distribution

Effortlessly modify existing restrictions in seconds, and see them instantly reflected across all distribution channels. Retain complete control of your business mix to adapt and optimize with ease.
Hotel revenue optimization UI
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Group Management

Evaluate, quote, and track groups in one place.

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Generate efficient profitable group quotes

Our group management solution simplifies the quote generation process by consolidating all the necessary data in one place. With all insights at your fingertips, your team can quickly and confidently quote any enquiry.

Unlock insights into displacement analysis

Gain detailed insights into the factors influencing the suggested group quote. By leveraging these insights, your team can make informed decisions and adapt the quote to tailor the strategic needs effectively.
Hotel revenue optimization UI
Hotel revenue optimization UI

Effortless monitoring of group pick-up

Effortlessly monitor and consolidate your committed group business and its pick-up all in one place, enabling seamless tracking and timely alerts for when groups underdeliver, enabling you to coordinate with the relevant stakeholders to mitigate revenue loss from blocked up inventory.

Streamline the quotation process

Focus solely on the quotation process, saving time and promoting close alignment on groups strategy. Embracing a streamlined approach that maximizes productivity and ensures accurate and informed decision-making.
Hotel revenue optimization UI

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FLYR’s AI-driven decision intelligence platform empowers the automation of your commercial decisions. Move to micro-targeted pricing, repricing and re-forecasting every hour of the day and watch your revenue take off.
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