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Commercial Intelligence for Hospitality

Hospitality analytics suite unlocks the value of data to enhance the human side of decision-making.

Product Line

Commercial Intelligence

Equipped with a single source of truth and intuitive investigative tool set, data can be explored without limits and shared with rich visualizations. FLYR puts you in complete control, driving productivity, so you can focus on what’s important: your strategy.
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Analytics Suite

Empower revenue management teams with business intelligence to unlock actionable insights that inform smarter commercial decision-making.
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Drive your strategy with advanced analytics

FLYR for Hospitality provides an all-inclusive data platform to power your strategic decision-making. Elevate your portfolio and property strategies with invaluable insights, and maximize your revenue potential.

Stay ahead with real-time insights

Move beyond outdated offline reporting to real-time analytics. Stay proactive, leverage up-to-date insights, and drive optimal results for your portfolio. No more delays with cumbersome night audits or manual uploads.
Hospitality analytics suite UI
Hospitality analytics suite UI

Automate stakeholder updates

Streamline stakeholder updates with centralized data in tailored live dashboards. Automate distribution across your organization, to deliver real-time insights directly to an email inbox.

Consolidate siloed data with cloud warehousing

Effortlessly consolidate data from various sources on a single platform. Enhance your data experience with custom labels, distribution intelligence, and operational cost to deliver previously unimagined insights.
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FLYR’s Hospitality Analytics Suite makes it easy to unlock the value of your data with a modern intuitive interface and transactional level data. Let’s walk through our industry-leading decision intelligence platform that will revolutionize how you make decisions and create your unique guest experience.
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