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Hospitality | Dubai, UAE | November 26-27, 2024

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Schedule a time to meet with us to learn how you can incorporate next-level decision intelligence and business insights into your revenue management strategy. Empowering optimal commercial decision-making in real-time, to grow your revenue.
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Unlock the power of AI for enhanced revenue management.

  • Elevate revenue management: Discover how our Revenue Strategy Platform empowers hospitality operators to make real-time, optimal commercial decisions.
  • Unlock actionable insights: Learn to make smarter commercial decisions using FLYR’s Commercial Intelligence and respond proactively to market changes with tailored pricing strategies through FLYR’s Revenue Optimization Solution.
  • Get an expert-led demonstration: Experience a live demo of FLYR’s advanced decision intelligence and business insights solutions, led by our industry experts.

Don't miss these insightful sessions from our team.

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Meet with our experts.

Maximize your revenue potential and drive sustainable growth through one-on-one consultations with our hospitality experts.


See our latest innovations.

We’ll be showing off our latest solutions related to:

  • Business Insights
  • Price & Restriction
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting & Revenue Planning
  • Group Management
  • Performance Analytics
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Enable better customer experiences, across the board.

FLYR is empowering clients globally to leverage innovative solutions to make better commercial decisions and drive revenue. Join us to move revenue management forward.
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Built for hotels

FLYR's built-for-purpose technology platform powers all key commercial decisions for hospitality organizations.

Commercial Intelligence
Equipped with a single source of truth and an intuitive, investigative toolset, data can be explored without limits and shared with rich visualizations. Our solution puts you in complete control, driving productivity, so you can focus on what’s important: your strategy.
Revenue Optimization
With FLYR’s hospitality commercial operating system, you can automate your business decisions with decision intelligence and implement granular, tailored pricing strategies to proactively respond to market fluctuations.

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