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Flyr UNG - ekstra rimelige billetter for deg mellom 16 og 29


UNG ('young' in Norwegian) are specially discounted tickets for young adults 16 - 29 years old.

What does UNG include?

Change up to 3 days before departure without fees.

Hand baggage under the seat2 x 23 kg checked baggageDiscounted prices on all destinations

Choose what you want to check in - maybe you would like to bring a pair of skis, a surf board, a fishing rod og maybe a bike. With Flyr, you can - and there's no additional fees.

Just make sure you keep within our baggage rules.

Flyr UNG - cheap fares for young people 16 - 29

Why choose UNG?

At Flyr you stay young a bit longer than with many other airlines, and UNG is available until the day you reach 30 years of age. UNG is available on all our destinations and the log in and purchase is made easy with Vipps.

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