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Flyr UNG - ekstra rimelige billetter for deg mellom 16 og 29

Flyr UNG

UNG are airline tickets at extra nice prices for young adults from 16 to 29 years of age. Sign up to Flyr + and pay with Vipps in order to book.

Why choose UNG?

UNG are youth tickets at extra nice prices, with a luggage and flexible conditions included. UNG tickets can be booked from the age of 16 to 29, so with Flyr you stay young a little longer than with most other airlines.

What's included in the ticket?

Change time, date and route up to 3 days before departure
Discount on all destinations
Hand baggage under the seat
2 x 23 kg checked baggage
Earn travel stamps with Flyr+ when you fly with us

Special baggage: Choose what you want to check in. Maybe you would like to bring a pair of skis, a surf board, a bike or a music instrument? With Flyr, you can do this without having to pay any additional fees. Just make sure you keep within our baggage rules.

Flyr UNG - cheap fares for young people 16 - 29

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