Special needs

We are here to help those with special needs, such as reduced mobility, health concerns, or allergies.

Reduced Mobility

  • If you would like to order wheelchair assistance or have reduced mobility and need help getting to or on board the aircraft, contact our customer service.
  • Please read important information regarding PRM assistance in airports operated by Avinor (in Norway). We kindly ask you to request special assistance within 48 hours of departure.
  • To provide you with the best service, and to be sure that you catch your flight, please follow recommendations for meeting time at the airport. In general, you should meet at the airport 2 hours before departure for flights in Norway and to the Schengen area, and 2.5 hours before flights outside the Schengen area. Please add one more hour if you need assistance to check in, or if you need assistance from a meeting point outside the departure hall.

Health concerns or illness

  • See which rules apply to coronavirus and flying.
  • If you are considered too ill to fly, staff may refuse boarding at check-in or at the gate.
  • People with chickenpox (including young children) cannot fly if they have exuding blisters due to the risk of infection to other passengers.
  • Remember to bring medication you depend on in your hand luggage. Only extra doses should be sent in checked luggage.
  • Can you store medicine in the refrigerator on board? No. You must pack such medicines in your hand luggage.

Medical Oxygen

  • Contact our customer service to order oxygen transportation and more information about prices and rules.

Allergies, special meals, and diets

  • Animal dander allergies: contact our customer service before you book a ticket. We will then review whether space has been booked for pets on board. When you state that you are allergic, we ensure that pets are not transported on that flight, unless such transportation has already been ordered.

Accompanied travels

We welcome all guests who would like to fly with Flyr. However, in certain circumstances, we require that the passenger is accompanied.

You need a travel companion if:

  • You need assistance to find and put on the life vest
  • You are not able to get to an emergency exit on your own
  • You need assistance to put on an oxygen mask
  • You don't manage to loosen your seat belt
  • You don't understand instructions given by the cabin crew
  • You don't manage to use the toilet without assistance (the cabin crew will help you from your seat to the toilet)

The companion must be at least 16 years of age and must buy an ordinary ticket. One companion can assist (only) one traveler with need for assistance.

Pregnancy and newborn infants

Pregnants are welcome to fly with us up to the 36th week for single pregnancy. We expect you to bring a doctors certificate of good health and your fit to fly when you pass week 28.

Travelers with multiple pregnancies is welcome to fly upon the 32nd week and bring a doctors certificate, confirming that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Newborn babies

If you have a newborn, your child has to be at least 14 days of age before you can bring your little beauty on board. 👶