Terms and conditions for Flyr+

On this page you will find the at all times updated terms and conditions for being a member of Flyr+.

Flyr+ is an easy-to-use loyalty program that rewards members without necessarily having to travel frequently.

1. Membership

1.1 By signing up to Flyr+ you agree to a membership agreement with Flyr AS, organisasjonsnummer 925566004, Nedre Vollgate. 5, 0185 Oslo. This agreement consists of the terms as stated below and the privacy policy published on our website. The latter describes how we collect and use personal information related to the enrolment. In addition to this, the current and relevant regulations defined in norwegian law applies.

1.2 In order to sign up for Flyr+, you need to authenticate with Vipps and create a member profile with Flyr. Only individuals older than 16 years can join and only one profile per person is permitted. You can at any time choose to terminate your membership, but please note that any benefits earned and registered via Flyr+ will immediately cease to exist when the membership is terminated.

1.3 You membership in Flyr+ is personal and you are responsible for making sure no other individual has access to your Flyr+ profile. It is not allowed to use Flyr+ for any commercial purposes. Please contact us if you suspect that your Flyr+ membership is being used without your consent or knowledge.

1.4 Violation of these terms and conditions, abuse of the membership or any other misuse can lead to immediate termination of your Flyr+ profile. Suspicion of incriminating violation of these terms and conditions, or other criminal offences relating to being a Flyr+ member, will also be subject to justicial proceedings by the authorities in Norway.

1.5 The current version of these terms and conditions is always the applicable. Only significant changes or changes that require active consent with the communicated via other channels than the website. For changes that requires active consent, and in the case of the accept not being renewed by the member, we reserve the right to cancel the membership with a three month notice period.

2. Loyalty program

2.1 Flyr+ is a loyalty program that gives to travel related benefits as a member. Enrolment is free, but qualifying purchases may be necessary to obtain some of the benefits.

2.2 As a member of Flyr+ you will always receive the current member discount on Smart- and Fleks-tickets, excluding government taxes and fees. The discount is available immediately after enrolment, and is applicable for all bookings done with the Flyr+ profile and for the entire booking as long as you are part of the travelling company.

2.3 As a member of Flyr+ you can collect different types of stamps in order to complete a stamp card. A completed stamp card gives you a voucher with a set value in NOK. The value stated on the loyalty programs information page on the time of issuance is applicable. Stamps can be collected in the following ways:

  • Travel stamp: You get a stamp for each flight with Flyr. The stamps are personal and are issued to your Flyr+ profile on the day of travel. No stamp is issued for canceled flights with refundable tickets. If you desire, you can choose not to collect stamps when making a booking. Other members of Flyr+ can collect stamps as long as their Flyr+ profile is added to the booking.
  • Referral stamp: You get a stamp for each new member you refer to the program. The stamps are issued to your Flyr+ profile when the referred member has enrolled and authenticated with Vipps. The new member is also rewarded with a stamp as a thank you for signing up. 

2.4 A completed stamp card consists of ten stamps, where at least of one the stamps must be a travel stamp. There are no limitations to how many stamps you can collect or how many stamp cards you can complete. The stamp card has a validity of 12 months from the date of the first stamp added to the stamp card. If the validity period expires, the stamp card and the stamps registered on the stamp card will be deleted permanently. We reserver the right to extend the validity of stamp cards longer than the typical 12 month period.

2.5 The vouchers are issued to your Flyr+ profile when a stampcard is completed and has a value of NOK 500. A voucher will typically have a validity of 12 months from date of issuance. Only one voucher is applicable per booking and the voucher cannot be used on more than one booking. If the total amount for the booking is lower than the vouchers value, no remaining value is available after completion of purchase and use of voucher. Vouchers issued before fuctionality for redemption is available (1 Sept at the latest) will have the validity period extended.

2.6 There are no restrictions applicable to bookings that are paid or partially paid with vouchers. The general terms and conditions, and the conditions of sale and carriage are the same for bookings made with vouchers as form of payment or partial payment as they are for any other forms of payment.

2.7 We reserve the right to correct stamps that are issued by error, including incidents where the error is caused by circumstances on our side, and also for stamps issued in violation of these membership terms. This right is applicable also in case of already issued and redeemed vouchers.

2.8 You will find information about your stamps, stamp cards and vouchers on your Flyr+ profile. Here you will also find an overview of members referred via your Flyr+ referral link. Should you at any time choose to terminate your membership, we will retain the information needed in order to prevent fraud and misuse. More information about this subject can be found in our Privacy Policy.

2.9 We reserve the right to change, pause or cancel the entire loyalty program or parts of it. How long it will take from a change is alerted until it is in effect, is dependant of the character and significance of the change. Minor changes can be put into effect upon notification of the changes, whereas significant changes are put into effect with a notification period of minimum one month.

3. Communication

3.1 In order to manage your membership in Flyr+, you will receive relevant communication via electronic channels such as e-mail, mobile app and SMS. This includes updates on the terms and conditions of the program, notification of expiration of vouchers, reminders about deadlines for collecting stamps on stamp cards and other information about the use of your membership. This type of communication is mandatory.

3.2 By signing up you also agree to receiving marketing content via electronic channels such as e-mail, mobile app and SMS. This includes offers on airline tickets, product news and other commercial initiatives from both us and our partners. You can manage the settings for this type of communication from My Profile after registration.

4. Regulations

4.1 The terms and conditions for Flyr+ should be regulated by and interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law. Both parties to the agreement accept Oslo District Court as venue to resolve any disputes that may arise because of the program’s terms and conditions.

4.2 If a situation that we cannot reasonably avoid or overcome the consequences of arise, it may prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to you as a member. In such cases, our obligations cease for as long as the extraordinary situation persists.

4.3 Our security measures aim to ensure that your member information is protected against unauthorized access and use. Despite this we recommend that you think twice about becoming a member if you live at a secret address or for various reasons want to stay completely anonymous.

4.4 As a member you are responsible for any taxes and fees that must be paid in accordance with Norwegian law if you have received benefits from a business travel paid for by an employer.

4.5 We reserve the right to transfer all or part of the rights and obligations to another legal entity that may continue to operate the loyalty program. If the program is discontinued due to legislation, court rulings, orders from public authorities or similar, all benefits can cease immediately without notice.

The terms and conditions for Flyr+ were last updated 30 March 2022.