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Tromsø - your gate to the Arctic. In many ways, Tromsø is a melting pot for the entire northern region of Scandinavia. Summer and winter tourism flourishes with visitors from all continents.

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Book Flyr-tickets to Tromsø

May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    Tromsø city

    If you are visiting Tromsø for the first time, a visit to the city center is a must-do. The high street Storgata is filled with shops and cosy cafés. Favorite local products are reindeer sausages, warm reindeer skins, knit wear with colorful patterns and carved wood.

    The coastal steamer Hurtigruten arrives every day in the afternoon and stays for some hours before sailing north. While the ship at at the quay, you can visit the ship and have a snack or drinks.

    Northern lights over the Tromsø bridge

    Ishavskatedralen - the arctic cathedral

    Tromsø's most iconic building is the arctic cathedral. The church, which opened in 1965, is a modernistic architectural structure. Head architect was Jan Inge Hovig, one of Norway's most famous architects.

    If you visit the arctic cathedral, you are close to Fjellheisen, the cable car that takes you to Fløya. If you want a challenge, there is an alternative to the cable car. Nepalese sherpas has constructed a rock stair with more than 1000 steps to Fløya. Hiking shoes and water is needed! The view from Fløya is magnificent, making it a perfect spot for your holiday selfies.

    The cable car to Fløya with the arctic cathedral to the right of the gondola

    Kvaløya and Sommarøya

    Sommarøya (Summer island) and Kvaløya (Whale island) are two islands outside Tromsø. Kvaløya is one of the largest islands in Norhern Norway while Sommarøy is a tiny island on the outside of Kvaløya, with the Atlantic ocean and Greenland as next stop. Sommarøya has some stunning beaches, with white choral sand and Caribbean like water colours. Water temperatures are at best 13-14C in the summer, so going for a swim is for the very few. Sommarøya has accomodation and restaurant in the summer. Very popular among Norwegians as well as international tourists, so make sure to book well in advance.

    On your way to Sommarøy, still on Kvaløya, you can take a detour to Ersfjordbotn. There is a very nice café and shop here called "Bryggejentene" (The jetty girls). They serve delicious home made food and have a large selection of home decor.

    Beautiful views at Bryggejentene café in Ersfjordbotn


    North-east of Tromsø, about two hours drive from the city, you can visit Lyngsalpene. This is one of Norway's most beautiful alpine areas. Lyngsalpene attract skiers from all around the world. There are no ski lifts in Lyngsalpene, meaning you have to climb the mountains yourself. It takes a full day walking on randonee skis from sea level to the top of mountains more than 1000 meters above sea level. Once on the top, you can ski in powder snow with view to the ocean below.

    In the summer time the best season to visit is June to September when the midnight sun give daylight 24 hours.

    Several tour operators offer dog sledding, fishing trips, bike rental etc. in the area.

    Lyngsalpene - a haven for off piste skiing (no lifts!)

    Flyr to Tromsø

    We fly to Tromsø Airport Langnes (TOS). The airport is located in Tromsø island. Airport buses directly from the airport to the city center, stopping outside Radisson Tromsø Hotel and Scandic Ishavsfjord Hotel.