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Norway's oil city Stavanger has kept lots of its classic style. In recent years it has become a destination for foodies, with some of the best seafood restaurants in all of Europe.

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May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    Gourmet haven in south-west Norway

    Fifty years as a base for Norwegian oil exploration has brought lots of international influence. Thousands of expats with different desires for food has brought Stavanger to new heights.

    Stavanger is a city that deserves a visit merely for its food offering. Top ranking restaurants such as RE-NAA and Sabi Omakase both have Michelin stars. And if those stars don't matter that much to you, Stavanger has an impressive selection of eateries in all price ranges.

    PHOTO: The colorful center in Stavanger

    The harbour

    With the proximity to the Atlantic ocean, Stavanger has always had strong ties to fisheries. Large warehouses on the Skagen pier, that previously housed craftsmen, fishing equipment and small shops have in most places been fully refurbished. They now house cafés, bars and restaurants and represent a nice and historical part of the city.

    Old warehouses on the pier

    Preikestolen - The pulpit rock

    Visiting the famous Pulpit rock in Lysefjord is a must for many first time visitors to Stavanger. If you are planning on hiking to the rock, please observe that the tour is not for everyone. You must be in good physical condition and wear hiking shoes.

    The hike is a total of 7,5 kilometers and takes about 4-5 hours. Elevation is 350 meters with parts of the trail being pretty steep. In the summer season it can be crowded.

    If you are planning on a visit off season, we do not recommend a tour after frost or snowfall unless you have experience or you bring a guide. There are several organized trips to the Pulpit rock - ask in the hotel reception.

    The pulpit rock


    The Lysefjord (Lysefjorden) is a magnificent fjord that carves through high mountains inland. You can go on a daycruise from Stavanger, and this is one of our favorite attractions in the area.

    Once inside the fjord, you can see the Pulpit rock from the sea. If you are lucky you might be able to drink fresh water directly from a waterfall. This is Norway at its most beautiful!


    Flyr to Stavanger

    Flyr lands at Stavanger Airport Sola (SVG). There is both a scheduled bus and an airport bus to the center of Stavanger, as well as taxi service at the airport.