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Rome, Italy’s beautiful capital, is as exciting the first visit as the 100th. Grandios piazzas, the Vatican city, Forum Romanum, Colosseum and the hip neighborhood Trastevere. With so much to see, Italy's capital is a city you may want to visit again and again.

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May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    Rome is a treasure trove of magnificent sites – from charming piazzas to Vatican City, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and hip Trastevere.

    It is easy to see why Italians are proud of their beautiful capital. Take a tour through ancient Rome, where beautiful buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries merge with modern bars and shops, and fashion-conscious Italians ride their scooters. As a tourist, on the other hand, explore by foot so you don’t miss a thing. Central Rome is very accessible, and you can walk between most major sights. If your legs get tired, take a seat at one of Rome's countless outdoor cafes and enjoy Italian delicacies and a glass of fine wine. Remember that Italy is more than pizza and pasta!

    Forum Romanum

    Signs of ancient history everywhere - this is Forum Romanum


    The large gladiator amphitheater in the center of Rome was constructed to hold as many as 50 000 spectators. The construction workers must have done a proper job as the Colosseum has taken wear and tear remarkably well. There's something quite unique about it when you stand in the archways high up in amphitheater looking down at the arena. You can easily imagine the brutal gladiator battles of ancient days.


    More than 2000 years after it was built, the Colosseum still impresses.


    Trastevere is a district in Rome on the southern side of the Tiberen river. Trastevere is one of Rome's most vibrant areas. Originally a workers area, Trastevere has been hit by gentrification but has not lost its beauty. It is slightly bohemian, with colorful houses, lots of small, cozy tavernas and bars, and a large crowd of young people during the weekends and in the evenings.

    The Spanish steps

    This famous attraction in the center of Rome is probably one of the city's top 5 selfie places. The Spanish steps may not impress you more than other larger steps or stairs, but it has become a hot spot for tourists as well as Romans.

    From the top of the steps you are can see the mansion Villa Borghese and the beautiful park surrounding it.

    Fontana di Trevi

    The world's most famous water fountain by far is Fontana di Trevi. The fountain, made by Nicola Salvi in 1732, is a large sculpuret of the sea god Oseanis in an oyster which is being pulled by two pegasuses.

    It is tradition to throw coins into the fountain. The average "spend" on coin throwing in the fountain is € 3000 per day! The best time to visit is late afternoon or in the evening when the tourist groups have left.

    The Vatican

    St Peter's square and St Peter's church are two must-sees on your Rome visit. The Vatican is magnificent and leaves little room for doubt as to what used to be the center of Europe.

    The paintings by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel are some of the world's most admired pieces of art, so make sure to visit the chapel, even if the queues are long.


    The Pantheon was built 2000 years ago and what you visit today is the same as what was built back then. The Pantheon is a masterpiece of engineering!

    Inside you can stand close to the wall on one side and whisper to someone on the other side. The sound follows the curvation of the walls.

    Flyr to Rome

    We land at Rome Airport Fiumicino (FCO), 32 kilometers from the center of Rome.