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The Czech capital of Prague is one of Europe's most historic and beautiful cities. Attractions are plenty, with the famous city hall clock and Charles Bridge crossing the river Vltava as the two most visited. The home country of pils offers more than beer. Prague has a very good selection of quality restaurants with moderate prices.

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Jan 2023 - Apr 2023
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    Experience Prague by foot – bring your best shoes!

    Get to know Prague

    Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. An impressive castle with magnificent views, a turning river with old, rock solid bridges, and an old town full of life are among some of the most popular attractions of Prague.

    Add a superb cuisine scene and a wide selection of shopping and you probably understand why this city is so popular. You can even perfectly fine experience all of this by walking around. Bring your best shoes!

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    Flights to Prague

    We fly to Prague Airport (PRG). With normal traffic, transfer time to the center of Prague is 45 minutes. You may take the Airport Express buses to the central station. There is the Metro at the central station as well as regional trains.