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Pisa, the city with the leaning tower, in the heart of Tuscany. This part of Italy has some of the country's most sought-after places like Lucca and Florence. In addition you can easily visit a string of beautiful small villages in this picturesque region of Italy.

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May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    The city of the leaning tower

    Pisa is located by the river Arno, just a few kilometers from the Ligurian sea. Pisa used to be an important shipping town with easy access to the sea. Today, commerce and tourism are the dominant economic drivers. With 90 000 inhabitants, Pisa is a relatively small Italian city.

    Pisa is world famous for its leaning tower. They commenced building the tower in 1173, but it took two centuries until it was erected as we know it today due to local wars. One assumes that the tower would have tipped to the ground if it had been built in one go. However, the long stops in the construction made the ground underneath stable.

    Would you like to climb to the top of the tower? Prepare for 294 steps and climbing 50 meters.


    Lucca is a short 30 minute train ride from Pisa. This city is by many considered to be the most beautiful city in Tuscany. Lucca is one of the richest and well kept cities in Northern Italy.

    The city was the birth place of the famous composer Giacomo Puccini, who wrote the opera La Boheme. Find yourself a café in the old town, order an espresso or some other refreshing drink in the summer heat and enjoy the people-watching!


    Florence is widely known for a spectacularly beautiful city center with classical buildings. Florence is strongly connected to the Renaissance Era, and the city has housed prominent citizens such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, and Giotto.

    A visit to Florence should include a meal with local produce. Food made of entrails has a long tradition in Florence and is on the menu at fast food restaurants. You might have heard of bistecca? This is another famous Florentin meal; a grilled t-bone steak, usually still dripping with blood when served.


    If you're spending more than a couple of days in Pisa, how about renting a car and exploring this exceptionally beautiful part of Italy? Green hills, tall cypresses, and charming wine castles in combination with picturesque villages greets you with open arms. How about booking a room at one of the many vineyards for a couple of nights and letting yourself be spoiled with some of the best food and drinks available in all of Italy? Siena, Chianti, and Cinque Terre are some of the many places you may visit along your drive.

    Flyr to Pisa

    We land at Pisa Airport (PSA). The airport terminal is a short 1 kilometer from the Pisa Central station. There is a train service, the Pisa Mower, from the terminal to the central station.

    Beautiful landscapes throughout Tuscany.