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Beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and pine forest on top of beautiful cliffs are the essence of Corfu. Enjoy beautiful views and lovely Greek villages where daily life goes on, undisturbed by tourists.

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Jun 2023 - Sep 2023
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    Get to know Korfu

    Corfu is not like any other Greek island! Influence from Italy has led to a beautiful merge between Greek and Italian culture. Then if you like both, Corfu is the perfect destination for you! Did you know that Corfu's beaches are known to be some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean?

    Visit Albania

    As mentioned, Corfu is off the coast of Albania. The Albanian town of Saranda is just a short ferry ride from Corfu. Albania is Europe's most affordable holiday country and in Saranda you can stay in nice hotels and eat good food for far lower prices than in Greece.

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    Flights to Corfu

    We land at Corfu International Airport (CFU). There is a bus to Corfu town from the airport, and from Corfu town you can take a bus on to most of the resorts.