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Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! Denmark's capital offers more than buttered bread and danish pastries. Copenhagen is a city you will easily fall in love with.

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May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    Cozy Copenhagen has something for everyone!

    Fly to Copenhagen with Flyr!

    A taste of Scandinavia with happy Danes, open-faced sandwiches, and a great atmosphere. Copenhagen is a city that is easy to like.

    Until recently, the area around Strøget was the most popular with visitors. Now Copenhagen has expanded beyond Høibro Plads, Kongens Nytorv, and Nyhavn due to a modern metro that goes all the way to the airport at Kastrup.

    Are you ready to explore Copenhagen? Let's find out what is to see round and about.


    It's not a trip to Copenhagen without a visit to the capital city's famous amusement park. Tivoli offers lots of activities, exciting experiences and concerts, good meals, and one of Europe's finest Christmas markets.

    Tivoli has a wide range of attractions, with several roller coasters and carousels as well as a truly scary Halloween celebration. Tivoli is located right by the Central Station in the center of Copenhagen.

    Suitable for children of all ages, but also for adults on a trip to Copenhagen due to the park's many good places to eat.

    Tivoli in Copenhagen

    The famous entrance to Copenhagen's Tivoli


    Copenhagen's response to Oslo's Grønland, Stockholm's Söder and New York's Greenwich Village is called Nørrebro. This districts has en exciting mix of hip eateries, bars, and worldly shops. Nørrebro is the district where the second-hand shops are located right next to super-trendy brand stores. Rub shoulders with Copenhagen's hippest crowd where eating out is not something you "do", it is a lifestyle. If you like Williamsburg in New York or Kreuzberg in Berlin you will surely feel at home here too.

    If you want a break from city life and traffic, Assistens' cemetery is a good choice if you are out and about. This cemetery and park is over 250 years old and has huge trees that provide lovely shade on hot days.

    Nørrebro is suitable for everyone, but a trip to Nørrebro usually includes a lot of walking. If you have small children, you can rent a bicycle with a trolley.


    Nørrebro, gentrified area in Copenhagen

    Be like the Danes and bike!

    Rent a bike in the city and cycle north along Strandvejen where you will pass the quaint sea-side towns of Østerbro, Hellerup, and Charlottenlund. Bring your bathingsuit in the summer as you will be tempted to go for a swim along the way!

    Once you have worked up an appetite, we recommend Cafe Jorden Rundt for a good Danish breakfast or lunch.

    With few hills and safe bike paths, this adventure is suitable for all ages.

    Rosenborg Castle

    This beautiful castle from 1607 is located in the centre of Copenhagen. The castle is not that big but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty.

    The main attraction is Denmark's treasury, with Danish kings and queens most valuable treasures. The castle was originally built by order of King Christian IV. Suitable for everyone (free admission for children under 18).

    Rosenborg Castle

    Rosenborg Castle and its beautiful gardens is a tranquil place in Copenhagen.

    Interested in art and architecture?

    Louisiana, Denmark's most popular museum is known for more than its beautiful exhibitions; the building itself is considered a major work of Danish modern architecture. The style is late '50s modernism, with subtle horizontal lines that complement the landscape. Since opening in 1958, the museum has expanded several times with the same architects commissioned to complete as many as seven additions to ensure continuity and consistent lines in the building style. The architecture is therefore an experience like the art itself, and helps to give visits to the museum an added dimension.

    Christiansborg Castle

    Take advantage of your time in Copenhagen by visiting the Danish National Assembly. Christiansborg Castle houses Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Danish Supreme Court.

    Here you can see magnificent royal reception rooms, a royal kitchen, and ruins from the 12th century. The outside of Christiansborg has been used as a backdrop in several TV series and films, including the series «Borgen». The name Borgen is also slang for Christiansborg among politicians and the media in Denmark. Suitable for children from approx. 10 years of age. (Younger children may not appreciate the experience as much.)

    Christiansborg Castle

    Christiansborg Castle - Denmarks "tower of power"

    Copenhagen Zoo

    The famous Copenhagen Zoo is located in Frederiksberg, three kilometers east of the center of Copenhagen. The zoo, which is open every day of the year, is a wonderful place to take the kids. Here you get up close to exotic animals such as giraffes, elephants, penguins, and the park's popular pandas.

    It is also possible to see one of Africa's most dangerous animals, the hippopotamus, from a safe distance. The Copenhagen Zoo also offers popular activities such as a one-day zoo camp for children between the ages of 6 and 8. Suitable for everyone - child friendly.

    Visit Copenhagen Zoo

    Visit Copenhagen Zoo and see the famous pandas

    Flyr to Copenhagen

    We land at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (CPH). From the airport you can take either the metro or the train to the city center. The metro does not have a stop at the Central Station, but the metro and train meet at Nørreport station.

    There are also trains across the Sound, to Malmö directly from Kastrup.

    There are ticket machines at the airport. It is a good idea to download the app for the metro and DSB (train) as there can be a long queue to buy tickets.