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Nordland's largest city, the gateway to the Helgeland coast, and home to one of Norway's most exciting museums. Bodø's location makes the city a particularly good starting point for exploring both mountains and the sea.

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May 2022 - Aug 2022
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    Just outside the city center, a fantastic experience awaits called Saltstraumen. This is where the sea turns into a river, making tidal currents terrific for a thrilling rib safari. Several of the rib trips start at Hurtigrutekaia (The coastal steamer pier), within walking distance from the city center of Bodø.

    PHOTO: Saltstraumen tidal current

    The coast of Helgeland

    The Helgeland coast (Helgelandskysten) is less famous than Lofoten on the other side of the Vestfjord. This beautiful coast line has stunning sceneries, less tourists than Lofoten and is perfect for campers and those seeking peace and tranquility.

    The best way to explore Helgelandskysten is by car. Numerous camping sites where you may put up your tent or rent a small cabin are at your disposal. Small, cosy cafés are often to be found at the pier in fishing villages. Ask at the gas station or in the café for local tips on where to find the best hiking trails.

    Beautiful scene at Helgelandskysten

    Skiing around Bodø

    In the winter, Bodø and its surrounding area offer great skiing. Whether you prefer cross country skiing, downhill or randonee, you have plenty of options. Skarmoen alpine park is the closest to Bodø, while Vestvatn Alpine is a 70 kilometer drive from the city.

    A bag is a bag in Flyr, meaning you e.g. can bring your skis, as long as they are within the weight limit

    Flyr to Bodø

    Flyr lands at Bodø Airport. Bodø Airport is located within walking distance to the city center and to Hurtigrutekaia. If you visit during the winter, a bus or taxi may be a good idea to help you with your luggage.