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For decades, Berlin has been a city for bohemians and artists. This has given the city a vibrant atmosphere that will thrill you on your stay. Whether you want to see highlights like Tiergarten or Checkpoint Charlie or if you prefer to experience the Berlin night club scene, Berlin satisfies most visitors.

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    Berlin with its famous TV tower

    Bohemian, liberal, and beautiful Berlin

    Berlin is at the heart of central Europe, a hub for artists and free-spirited people. The city's long awaited new airport has finally opened, underscoring Berlin as the main city of Germany.

    Paris might have a romantic fleur while Berlin is definitely more of a hip and cool city. The western parts of the city are the chic part of Berlin. This is where you find the majority of luxury shops and the big stores like KDW. In the eastern part gentrification is rapidly eating into previously shabby areas popular among Berlin's alternative crowd. This part of Berlin has lots of vintage shops, vegan restaurants, and some really nice beer gardens.

    Street art in Berlin

    Street art in Berlin

    City districts worth a visit

    The Mitte district in Berlin is as central as you can get in the German capital. Alexander Platz, Brandenburger Tor, Potsdamer Platz and the famous Reichstag, Germany's parliament, are all in the Mitte district. In addition, there are numerous restaurants and shops as well as lots of night life.

    Charlottenburg is Berlin's chic neighborhood. Fancy stores and expensive residential areas are what you will find. Charlottenburg Castle with its large gardens is worth a visit, especially in the summer season.

    Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is Berlin's most multi-cultural area. It might not surprise you that this is where you find Berlin's largest variety of food. In Bergmannstrasse you can enjoy delicious drinks in one of the many bars or try the famous kebabs.

    Prenzlauer Berg is by many considered to be the nicest part of Berlin. The atmosphere is slightly bohemian, with lots of students and artists living and hanging around in this district.


    Colorful Kreutzberg facades

    Where to stay

    If you are unfamiliar with Berlin and need some tips on areas to stay, here's what our Berlin-familiar crew recommend.

    The area around the Reichstag is Berlin's corporate district. It's great to stay here if you are visiting for work and like staying at one of the big hotel chains. If you are visiting Berlin in your leisure time, there are other areas that might give you more of a feeling of Berlin.

    Around Kurfürstendamm there are numerous mid-range hotels. You will find lots of nice places to eat, all from hole-in-the-wall kitchens to fine dining.

    Alexanderplatz and the surrounding area have lots of reasonably priced options and are especially popular among a younger crowd.

    Kreutzberg is the heart of bohemian Berlin. Street art, alternative cafés, art exhibitions, and cheap accomodation.

    Choose Charlottenburg for the exclusive Berlin experience. Fine dining, expensive shopping and high class hotels.

    Charlottenburg castle

    Charlottenburg castle

    Flyr to Berlin

    We use Berlin's Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) east of the center. Departure from Terminal 1.

    Direct trains from Terminal 1 to Berlin city as well as to major cities like Dresden and Rostock from the airport.