Corporate governance

The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure that Flyr has sound corporate governance mechanisms. Trading at Euronext Growth, Flyr is not subject to the Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance but will consider implementing the recommendations of the code over time.

IR policy

Our IR activities shall assist capital markets participants to obtain an informed view on Flyr as an investment case, including its financial situation and prospects, with the aim to reduce the cost of capital and support a fair valuation of the company’s securities.

Flyr will provide present and potential investors with factual, relevant, timely and comprehensive information. Communication with the stakeholders shall be based on the principles of equal treatment and transparency.

General meetings

All registered company shareholders have the right to participate and express their views at general meetings. The annual general meeting will be held before 30 June each year. Notice with reference to or attached supporting documents will be made available on the website no later than 7 days prior to the general meeting.

Board of directors

Overview of Flyr's board of directors


Overview of our management team

Governance documents

Articles of association

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