All of us at Flyr take the coronavirus pandemic very seriously and will do everything we can to make your flight as safe as possible.

Going out of Norway with Flyr?

When flying with us on international flights, there are certain procedures you need to follow. For all countries, you are provided to present a valid corona certificate to avoid quarantine. Some countries require that you fill in an immigration form prior to departure.

You need a valid corona certificateYou must fill out a corona immigration form

All passengers are responsible for bringing travel documents, both when leaving Norway and when flying back to Norway.

Rules for immigration may change on short notice, hence you must keep updated while on travel.

Information about travels to Austria.

Information about travels to Denmark.
Danish immigration information.

Information about travels to Germany.

Information about travels to France.
Corona immigration form for France.

General information about travels to Italy
Information about travels to Rome.
Corona immigration form for Italy.

Information about travels to Norway.

Information about travels to Spain.
Corona immigration form for Spain.

Observe! Immigration form for Spain may be filled in from 48 hours before departure. Your form is subject to inspection at boarding.