Check-in and boarding

Checking in

  • Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure. The very last opportunity to check-in and deliver your luggage is 30 minutes before departure on flights within Norway. On international flights, you must check in and deliver your luggage no later than 45 minutes before departure.
    It is your responsibility to have sufficient time in the airport in case you need assistance before check-in closes.
  • Check-in well before departure so that you do not have to stress while standing with your hands full of luggage. The easiest way to check-in is by using the the Flyr app, which you can download here:

    Download from App Store or Google Play
  • You can also use our online check-in, which opens 24 hours before scheduled departure.
  • If you prefer to, you can also check-in at the airport by using check-in kiosks or at the counter.


  • Boarding closes 20 minutes before departure for flights within Norway.
  • Boarding closes 20 minutes before departure for flights abroad.

ID, visa, and passport information