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Baggage handling and traffic changes


Together with our skilled ground handling agents, we work continuously to make sure your baggage arrives safely at the destination with you. However, situations may occur where your baggage is damaged or may not arrive at your destination on time.

Domestic Transfer

Passengers who hold a connecting* ticket (Flyr + Flyr) with international arrival and who are connecting on a domestic Flyr flight the same day, may use Domestic Transfer.

Passengers must clear customs marked Toll/Domestic Transfer close to gate D2 in the international departure area. After custom you will enter directly to the domestic departure area. Your checked baggage will be transferred to your next flight if marked with your final destination. Checked bags cannot contain weapons. You cannot use this service if you bring an animal.

NB! You must clear the animal through ordinary custom and check in again.

Domestic Transfer is available for passengers with a connecting ticket only. Your baggage must be marked with your final Flyr-destination and not OSL (Oslo) when checking in abroad. If your baggage is not tagged to your final destination you must collect the baggage in the arrival hall and check in for your domestic flight.

You may shop tax free goods before passing through customs by gate D2.

Domestic Transfer step by step

  • Follow the signs marked “Transfer” after leaving the aircraft.
  • Make your way to Domestic Transfer near gate D2 – the yellow area.
  • Shop your tax free goods before entering customs.
  • After passing through customs, check the information for your connecting flight and then follow the signs to your departure gate.

*not available for passengers traveling from Alghero (AHO), Berlin (BER), Billund (BLL), Dubrovnik (DBV), Geneva (GVA), Ibiza (IBZ), Montpellier (MPL), Palermo (PMO), Salzburg (SZG), Thessaloniki (SKG) or Zadar (ZAD.

Delayed/cancelled departures

We work hard to make sure our flights are on time, but unfortunately, some delays or cancellations may occur. It is important that you stay updated on information about your departure at the airport. In the event of any delays or cancellations, we will always be ready to help you so that you arrive at your destination as soon as possible. In addition, we will always make sure you receive the care and service you are eligible to, according to the regulation of EU261. You can find more information about your rights as a passenger here:

Air passenger rights - Your Europe


If you have any expenses you want us to cover due to delayed or damaged baggage, or a delayed or cancelled flight, you may claim these through chat or by e-mail within 7 days after the journey was completed. Examples of such expenses may be purchase of toiletries, taxi, or other expenses that comes as a consequence of the irregularity on your journey with us. 

Refund of tickets

All of our tickets can be cancelled and are fully refundable within 24 hours after the purchase is made. After 24 hours, only taxes and fees are refundable if the ticket is unused, with the exception of Fleks-tickets that can be fully refunded until 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. It is the responsibility of each and every passenger to claim refunds of taxes and fees on unused tickets. 

Questions or claims

Please do not hesitate to contact us on our chat.